Mer Long Life Tyre and Rubber Dressing

Mer Long Life Tyre and Rubber Dressing test and review

Tyre Shine Test: Mer Long Life Tyre and Rubber Dressing 500 ml – £7.09

Mer’s tyre dressing gave a nice wet look to the tyres. We found it easy to apply and totally non-fussy, plus no rubbing in or spreading around of the product is needed. At first the product looks streaky and patchy on the tyres, but after around 3 hours all that will have disappeared, leaving an even and deep shine.

A couple of negatives are that the tyres have to be very clean and dry otherwise the look of the shine won’t be anywhere near as good as it should be. Unfortunately, the tyres were left feeling quite greasy even a week after application, and the tyre shine will go all over your wheels as you spray it due to a heavy and wide spray pattern, and there’s no getting around it save going the whole hog and taping a cover in place over the wheel itself.

A big plus though, is that this product lives up to its name, lasts a good while and will still be there even after washing the car 5 or 6 times.

7/10 Left a deep and long lasting shine. Drying time and application can be a pain.

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