Mer Rain Away

Mer Rain AwayMer Rain Away 500 ml – £9.00

A pour on liquid. This product is designed to ‘Effectively repel rain from windscreens and visors etc. at speeds above 40 mph’. That’s Mer’s words anyway. So, did it work? Yes. Absolutely. In fact, we don’t know how we did without it before. As the rain hits the windscreen it simply pushes up to, and over, the top of it. Using wipers, the screen is cleaned thoroughly is one sweep. At motorway speeds in light rain the wipers are barely needed as the rain will clear off the ‘screen anyway. The only slight problem we came across was on the applying of it. After applying two layers (as instructed) it left a slightly greasy finish and a bit of hard work was needed to remove it. Apart from that though. Great product.

9/10 Worked as it stated on the label. Excellent product. Well worth buying.

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