Mer Ultimate Car Polish

Mer Ultimate Car Polish test and review

Car Polish Test: Mer Ultimate Car Polish  500 ml – £9.99 / 1 litre – £12.99

An easy to use polish, Mer is good polish to use if you’re in a bit of a rush. Apply it onto a damp microfibre cloth, wipe it over the panel and leave for 10 minutes to haze. Then remove. Easy. You can use it on a wet or dry car too which is pretty handy. We found that it left a fairly good shine, but there was no depth to it. It is a polish after all though, and not a wax, so it’s more about it cleaning up the swirls and brightening your paintwork up rather than giving it a deep gloss.

It lasts for around 3 weeks on one coat. Using it on vehicles that haven’t been waxed or polished for a long time means that streaks are left behind and are a bit of a pain to remove. It can also make a mess of and plastics it gets onto, as it leave a white residue behind, so avoid them.

6/10 An average, easy-to-use polish but leaving white streaks on plastics lets it down.

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  1. George Beaucage

    Can Mer The Ultimate Car Polish be purchased in Canada? If so where?

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