Mer Windscreen Cleaner

Mer Windscreen CleanerMer Windscreen Cleaner 250 ml – £6.00 / 500 ml – £9.00 / 1 litre – £13

A pouring liquid. We liked this product right from the off. Simply pour onto one cloth and rub it onto the glass, and buff it off with another cloth. We recommend using microfibre cloths to get the best result. After it was applied it dried quickly and was ready for taking off. The finish was excellent, and it really left the glass gleaming. Another plus it that, unlike a spray, it’s easy to control and won’t go all over bodywork etc. Hardly any is needed to get a really great finish and it took care of even the dirtiest windscreen with ease. We also used it on the rest of the car’s windows and found that it worked just as well as on the front.

9/10 Excellent finish, easy to use, no streaking and well priced too.

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