Muc-Off 2in1 Microfibre Mitt

Muc-off wash mitt test and review

Wash Mitt Test: Muc-Off 2in1 Premium Wash Mitt £9.99

This 2 in 1 wash mitt is great, officially! One side of the mitt is super-soft thick microfibre strands on and the other side is a textured bug remover. The mitt absorbs a lot of water, but in turn that goes a long way around the vehicle you’re cleaning. Our tip is to be careful when using it around your vehicles badges as the strands can easily catch them, potentially snapping or pulling them off.

As it’s microfibre, the Muc-Off mitt is ultra-soft on paintwork and if you have dry mitt it can be used to dry off your car as well. One thing puzzles us though. The bug remover side works excellently, but how on earth does it do it without scratching the painwork? We don’t know but it does a damn fine job so we can’t complain. The bug remover side also works a treat at removing bird muck too.

Superb quality wash mitt which does two jobs excellently.

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