Muc-Off Glass Cleaner

Muc-off glass cleaner

Muc-Off Glass Cleaner  500 ml – £5.99

A pump-action cleaner. We found this to clean glass really well, just as the bottle says. Virtually no effort is needed to get a really good finish. After using a microfibre cloth with the product, we noticed that as you’re wiping the product off, it dries quickly, but leaves behind no streaks, even on really dirty glass. Other useful things about this glass cleaner include it killing 99% of germs (ever sneezed near your windscreen? Of course you have. Ah now the germ killing makes sense eh). It can be used on Sat Navs and after-market window tints too as it has no solvents, alcohol or ammonia in it plus it’s kind to the environment being bio-degradable. It passed our one on-once off test with ease.

For now, we’ve downgraded this to an 8/10. When it works, it works exceptionally well, but we have found on quite a few different pieces of glass that it can leave greasy-looking streaks on them, which are hard to remove. When we work out what the problem and solution is, we’ll upgrade it to a 10 again.

8/10 A multi-tasking exceptional glass cleaner. Well worth the money.

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