Muc-Off Übershine Shampoo

Muc-off Shampoo

Muc-Off Übershine Luxury Shampoo  1 litre – £7.99

We really like this product. The shampoo foams up very well to create a really thick and creamy lather and feels very high quality when using it. It leaves a really deep and lush finish to the bodywork and leaves it virtually spot free afterwards. However, it shouldn’t be used in hot weather as it can cause ‘spotting’ on the paintwork, but this is the case with most car shampoos anyway. Did we mention it smells excellent? No? Well it does. A nice aroma of Apples wafts about the car while you’re washing it, making the experience an even nicer one. The bottle is pump action and for every 4 litres of water you’ll need about 13 squirts of it. We found that as the product works so well that you can get away with using only 4 – 5 litres of water to clean an average sized saloon car, meaning that you will get around 25 car washes per bottle of Übershine. The product is also bio-degradeable, which is nice as it’s kind to the environment. The price is very good when comparing it to similar manufacturers products.

9/10 Excellent product. Well priced, does a great job and smells nice too.

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