Nanolex Final Finish Detailing Spray Review

Nanolex Final Finish 200ml detailing spray car wax-product

Nanolex Final Finish?

German manufacturer Nanolex Car Care tout their Final Finish as ‘a high technology detailing spray’ and apparently it’s good for removing light dust, finger prints and water spots. It’s silicone-free and pH-neutral, it won’t remove any wax or sealants previously applied, and you’re able to use it on multiple surfaces including glass, paint, wheels and plastics. It also adds a thin layer of protection after use, prolonging the life of your wax or sealant.

Test time…

Nanolex Final Finish is not being sold as a spray wax, which will usually add a decently-high shine and great beading to a car’s paintwork that’s not had any previous protection applied. Instead, we’d say Nanolex Finial Finish will be most effective on paintwork that already has a layer of wax or sealant on it.

Nanolex Final Finish detailing spray

The car we’d be testing Final Finish on was one that had been machine polished and had a layer of sealant applied a couple of months previously. However, the car had been sat outside and was covered in a fine layer of dust, plus rather a lot of watermarks from rainfall. The water spots won’t have set as hard as usual though, due to the fact the bodywork has sealant protecting it.

Nanolex Final Finish 200ml detailing spray car wax-0491

First off then, as always, we test the product’s scent and in the case of Final Finish there’s a kind of berry smell about it, although we couldn’t quite put our finger on it. If you’ve tested this product, let us know what you think it is by commenting below. Spraying on the Nanolex Final Finish, you immediately know that they’ve used a decent spray nozzle, as both the action of it is good, and you get a fine and even spray pattern too. That sounds like a boring thing to point out, but some we’ve tested before just seem to splatter it out all over the place.

After spraying an area of bodywork and leaving the Final Finish to settle for around 20 seconds, we used a Nanolex Microfibre Cloth to wipe away the excess (as a side note this is a high-quality soft cloth, and absorbs water very well too). The dust was removed without issue, but the watermarks needed a second going over to get remove all traces.

Nanolex Final Finish detailing spray

Although the paintwork already had sealant on, we were still impressed at the high shine, and the fact that there was no streaking from the product at all, plus water beading and sheeting qualities were brought back up to par again, as was the super-slick feel of the paint surface. It works quickly, and without fuss, and because of the fine sprayer nozzle, it’s frugal with how much product is used.

We also used it on the side windows of the test vehicle, and again were impressed as it cleared away water streaks and fingerprints easily and quickly, while leaving behind absolutely no smears or smudges.

Nanolex Final Finish detailing spray

Nanolex Final Finish verdict

This is yet another high quality product from Nanolex Car Care. Every product of theirs are strenuously trialled and tested before being released, and they are very serious about getting it right first time. This absolutely shows with the Nanolex Final Finish.

The only drawback is the higher price, which is currently (Feb. ’14) around £18.00 for 200ml, and £43.00 for 1,000ml. However, the product is good quality and it goes a fair way. They saying you get what you pay for applies here. Overall, this is a well thought-out product with good qualities, almost flawless results, and in a sea of detailing finishing sprays Nanolex Final Finish is well worth your money.

Nanolex Final Finish review - detailing spray finished result

What’s your favourite detailing spray? Let us know by commenting below! See more detailing spray review here.

Score & specs

How effective?  9
How useful?  8
Price  7.5
Overall  8.0 / 10 


Product  Nanolex Final Finish
Safe to use on…  Paint, wheels, glass, plastics
Not safe on…  N/A
Will remove…  Light dust, fingerprints, water spots
Stinky or scented?  Scented: Berries(?)
Buy from?  If you’d like a link to your shop here, please contact us.
Price  200ml: £18.00 | 1,000ml: £43.00

Words: Chris Davies | Tested by: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

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