Nanolex Glass Cleaner Premium


Glass Cleaner Test: Nanolex Glass Cleaner Premium 100ml – £10.99 / 1 litre – £69

We tested this product on windscreens which hadn’t been cleaned properly for a long time, and there was no previous glass protector applied to them either (which always makes cleaning a lot easier).

Unlike ‘traditional’ glass cleaners, this one is a slightly thicker liquid which is poured out of a bottle, rather than being sprayed. We applied it with the little cotton pads which were supplied with it, and this took around 3 – 4 minutes. Firstly, you dampen a microfibre cloth, apply a small amount of Glass Cleaner Premium to the windscreen or straight onto a cloth,and rub in a circular motion on the glass. After this, remove it with another decent cloth (we found microfibre is best). If it’s dried on it can be slightly more difficult to remove, but in this case just dampen the cloth to remove it, and then dry the glass out with another cloth.

So okay, it did take longer than a spray cleaner to apply and remove, but it did do an amazing job. It contains micro-abrasives, which act a bit like using a fine polishing compound in that it will take away even ingrained dirt. Dirt being ingrained into glass? Sounds strange, but yes this does happen if glass isn’t cleaned properly and regularly.

Looking at the price, you may be put off a bit, but consider this – to clean a whole (and extremely dirty) windscreen we probably only used about 2 ml of product, so even the small bottle should last you a very very long time – working out almost as cheap as a normal cleaner buy!

9/10 An outstanding glass cleaner, which will remove even stubborn and ingrained dirt with ease

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Before - One dirty windscreen

This is all the Nanolex Glass Cleaner Premium that is needed to clean a full car windscreen

The Nanolex fully applied

The end result - crystal clear glass which has had even ingrained dirt removed

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