Nanolex Glass Urban

Glass Sealant Test: Nanolex Glass Urban 100ml – £19.99

Long-term test – 5 weeks in.

If you’ve ever been driving in heavy traffic and it rains heavily, it can make driving a bit of a nightmare. You strain to see through the water running down your windscreen, even with the wipers on full speed, and car light seem a mile away when really they’re just a few metres in front. Driving in these conditions is tiring mentally and physically. This is where glass sealant products come in handy. In fact, if you’ve ever used one before, and then you get in a car where it hasn’t been used, you really do think ‘How on earth did I get on without it before?’. A sealant works a bit like a car wax in that it provides a layer of protection on top of your glass, making the water bead up and run off easily, or even blow straight off without the use of your wipers. We think every car should have a glass sealant applied to the glass all around. It would make the roads miles safer for everyone.

Nanolex Glass Urban is an exceptional Glass Protector. We chose this one to test on a car that does mostly city driving, as the water will blow up the screen at lower speeds than their other glass sealant.

Before you apply it though, first off give it a thorough cleaner with Nanolex Glass Cleaner Premium. This isn’t an advert for their glass cleaner – the fact is that their glass cleaner will remove even built-up and ingrained dirt, and cleaning the glass comprehensively is a must before applying their Glass Urban. It will make it last longer and be far more effective overall. Another must is to clean your wiper blades thoroughly too before you apply this stuff, as dirty wipers can also impede the longevity of the product.

Don’t use any washing-up liquid or washer bottle fluid as this will make the time the Glass Urban lasts shorten severely (it’s the same case with all glass sealants). You’ll notice that now you’ve used the sealant, bugs, tar and general road grime will clean off a good deal more easily anyway.

After we applied Glass Urban we noticed an immediate difference when it started to rain. The wipers cleared the water away far far more easily, visibility improved beyond belief, and at about 30mph the water starts to blow off the screen. In fact, when we did a bit of motorway driving in heavy rain, we were able to drive without hardly needing t0 use the wipers. Another thing to note is that strangely, the harder it rains, the better this stuff works! If you also apply this product on rear and side windows, it makes even more sense. After a drive in bad weather, you’ll feel much, much less stressed and tense. It’s definitely a product where we really can say ‘try it, you will not be disappointed!’.

It’s been 5 weeks since we applied the Glass Urban, and it’s still going just as strong as when we first applied it. It’s supposed to last 3 months if used properly, so we’ll keep an eye on it to see how it does, and update this review as necessary.

9/10 This glass sealant is superb! Makes driving in rain a whole lot easier and safer.

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Nanolex Glass Urban with microfibre cloth and cotton applicator pad

Apply only a small amount for application

Apply it thinly and evenly using a cotton pad

After it's dried, use a good microfibre cloth to remove it

The results

This effect is the water beading up, much the same as water does on a well-waxed car

Water runs off far far more effectively than without Glass Urban sealant

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