Naviwax Liquid Detailing Wax 500ml Review

Car Wax Test: Naviwax Liquid Detailing Spray Wax 500ml – £20.00

Naviwax liquid spray Car wax and quick detailer Test and review

Spray waxes can be a funny ol’ game. People want a decent finish, plus good protection and at least some water beading effect. But that’s what you would mostly only get front just using a ‘normal’ wax right, and although quicker to use, a spray wax would never give you anywhere near the same results, right? Well, a new dawn in spray wax is here people, and that dawn has bought us Naviwax Liquid Detailing Wax.

Naviwax liquid spray Car wax and quick detailer

We loved this Japanese-made stuff from the day it was sent to us. It’s ultra-easy to use, yet it gives outstanding results.
To use, give your car a good wash (obviously) and either dry the car off (or use on the wet surface) then simply spray on and wipe off, and that’s it – you’re finished. You now have 2 – 4 weeks protection on your paintwork. Considering that this is ‘just’ a spray wax, it gives an amazing depth of shine to paint, and makes water bead as good as nearly every other wax out there. In fact, we’ve tested quite a few waxes in the past where this stuff would put them to shame on a beading level! Any metallics in paint will ‘pop’ right out in the sunlight, and bodywork will take on a wet look.

Even Silver couldn't resist popping the metallics in its paint

Even Silver paint, usually notoriously hard to get looking amazing, yields to this spray wax

We chose a car (the one in these photos) that had not been waxed in many, many months, and it never had the paint ‘prepped’ beforehand either.

We also found that if you use this on the exterior of the rear and side windows, it will also give them a degree of protection, and will make seeing out of them easier when it rains.

What’s the water beading like after applying Naviwax spray wax? Here’s some photos for you to make your own mind up:

Naviwax liquid spray Car wax and quick detailer Test and review

Naviwax liquid spray Car wax and quick detailer Test and review

No, we didn’t spend hours waxing this car, it took us just 5 minutes to get this result.

Unbelievable beading - and this is just from a spray wax!

Unbelievable beading – and this is just from a spray wax!

No matter what sort of spray wax you’re used to – and whether it’s expensive or cheap – for simplicity, ease of use and stunning results – this stuff will be very hard to beat, and it’s worth every penny of your hard-earned cash.

10/10 Fast and easy to use, outstanding results, amazing beading – this spray wax will be very hard to beat

Want to try Naviwax Ultimate for yourself?

We have tested and reviewed the Naviwax product range over the past five years and since they were so hard to find, and readers loved it so much, we decided to sell some! Visit our wax shack shop to see the amazing Naviwax waxes and detailing kits.

Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

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  1. Mark Essman

    Hi Chris:

    Hope all is well. Most excellent review. Got a case coming next week straight from Japan and I cannot wait.

    Thanks for the test and pix as i have been waiting a while to see what you thought. Good call.



    Hi Chris.

    I love Ioncoat Naviwax dark, and I´m sure that this Naviwax liquid detailing wax will be miy next detailing product.

    Thanks for test it and show the pictures.



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