Naviwax Ultimate – Carnauba Car Wax Test

Even better than the standard Naviwax. Multi surface use. Last months, not weeks, and will out-perform and out-shine far more expensive waxes.


Image shows the full size tin of the awesome Naviwax Ultimate - one of the best car waxes around! Test and Review Of Naviwax Ultimate car wax from

Riding on the back of the already excellent and much-loved ‘normal’ Naviwax, Naviwax Ultimate is a truly astounding wax.

This Japanese product punches well above its weight, and gives an even deeper and longer-lasting shine. Its beading qualities are simply superb, and it will even hide swirl marks in paintwork to an extent.

Longevitiy is also key here, and this stuff will last relentlessly for months on end. It has around 37% of pure Grade 1 Carnauba Wax in the ingredients, adding to its ability in out-classing other more expensive waxes. We tested it over a period of months on various vehicles (it can be used on any colour), and found that it will last longer than the standard Naviwax – which has about 23% of Grade 1 Carnauba – and will also bead and sheet water better in that time too.

Testing Naviwax Ultimate Car Wax: Water running off a car showing the beading properties.
Talking of beading and sheeting, the Ultimate excels at both of those jobs. Take a look at your car first thing in a morning after you’ve applied the wax, and compare it to the rest of the cars in the street – yes, their paintwork now looks crap compared to yours.

Another point we liked about the Ultimate is that you don’t need to spend hours preparing your bodywork before applying it – as long as it’s in reasonable condition, the wax will make it look amazing. Of course, if you do spend the time prepping your paintwork, it’ll look, and last, even better.

Application and removal is ultra-easy, as the wax goes on like melting butter so is easy to spread and only a little is needed per panel. Unlike the ‘normal’ Naviwax, this can be left to cure for a little longer. We’d only apply it to 2 panels (doors etc) at a time though. Handily, it can also be applied whilst the car is wet after a wash and rinse, to speed things up a little.

Does it justify the extra £25.00 above the standard Naviwax though? We’d say definitely Yes. The extra 30 grams of wax you get is enough for a good four more applications, plus – as we stated earlier – it will last much longer. If £60.00 sounds expensive for a tin of wax to you, consider this; one coat of Naviwax Ultimate should last for 3 months or more and out of a 280g tin, we would say that thirty applications is easily possible – that’s 7.5 years worth of wax! Even if you apply 2 coats of wax per time, that’s still over 3 years of wax per tin.

We like the fact that the tin itself isn’t pretentious, showy or expensively packaged, it just gets on with the job in hand, and – literally – does what it says on the tin.

Verdict: 10/10

Naviwax Ultimate gets a thumbs-up from us, and we really can’t see how they’d improve on this wax – but then again, this is a Japanese wax and if there’s ever a nation to improve on perfection – it’s them!

Even better than the standard Naviwax. Last months, not weeks, and will out-perform and out-shine far more expensive waxes.

Want to try Naviwax Ultimate for yourself?

We have tested and reviewed the Naviwax product range over the past five years and since they were so hard to find, and readers loved it so much, we decided to sell some! Visit our wax shack shop to see the amazing Naviwax waxes and detailing kits.


50g Sample £17.50 / Full Size 280g – £59.99

Nubawax and thanks to Kleen Machine for use of the video

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50/50 view. The left side has Naviwax Ultimate on. It will fill and hide swirl marks to an extent.
Naviwax Ultimate Auto Wax

Application is ultra-easy, and it goes on like melting butter
Naviwax Ultimate Car Wax Test and review

Just after application
Naviwax Ultimate Car Wax Test and review

Removal is also hassle-free, and look at that shine!
Naviwax Ultimate Car Wax Test and review

Spraying on the water….
Naviwax Ultimate Car Wax Test and review

…and look at that water sheeting!
Naviwax Ultimate Car Wax Test and review

Water beading is virtually unrivalled
Naviwax Ultimate Test and review

Water beading
Naviwax Ultimate Car Wax Test Beading

Final results – an ultra deep shine.
Naviwax Ultimate Car Wax Test and review

8 responses to “Naviwax Ultimate – Carnauba Car Wax Test”

  1. Chris C - Shine My Ride

    Wow, nice results there. Like the idea that despite the step up in price from something like Collinite 476S, it sounds even easier to apply. And the finish is extremely impressive.

    The Collinite is known for its durability. Would you say the Naviwax is even more durable?


  2. jeremy

    This wax is INSANE!!!!!over the years i try so many waxes,and this one……Yes I have to order a BIG can!

  3. henry davis

    Just used it for the first time on a vauxhall insignia.I spent about 30 to 40 mins waxing my car and it looks like it just came out of the show room.

  4. Chris Larson

    One of the best wax in the market today.I have used them all.Still the wax i reach for day in and day out.

    DuPont Registry Top 20 Auto Detailers
    Chris Larson

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