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No Fog Glass Treatment test and reviewRain Away Glass Treatment test and review

Glass Product Test: No Fog/Rain Away (Twin pack) 2 fl oz – £5.95, 4 fl oz – £9.95

These bottles may be small, but they go a long way. The No Fog was used for the inside of the car and the Rain Away for the outside. One thing though, do not apply either of these in direct sunlight or leave them on for more than a minute, otherwise they will leave streaks and it is extremely difficult to remove the residue.

They are both easy to apply and just a few drops onto a microfibre cloth will cover a large area of glass. Wiped off almost immediately and they worked great. With Rain Away, the rain water just blew straight off the windscreen at anywhere above 30 mph, and when stationary, beads up very well. Cold and damp weather usually leads to car windows misting up, but the No Fog product worked well and stopped the majority of the fogging.

8/10 Both worked well, but may be hard to apply and take off in the heat of summer. Good products generally though.

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