Onedrywash Waterless Wash

Onedrywash waterless wash


Waterless Car Wash Test: Onedrywash 500 ml – £6.84 / Onedrywash Cleaning Kit – £10.76 car wash kit

We tested Onedrywash’s car wash kit, which includes one 500 ml bottle of the product, 2 microfibre cloths and a pair of latex gloves. As a starting point – the price is excellent! The microfibre cloths are of fairly goof quality and are soft. The 500ml bottle can be used on up to 7 cars (if used sparingly).

It was a very simple to use, and didn’t feel greasy or clog up the cloth when applying it. It’s a simple case of spray on, wipe off and then use a clean cloth to take off the dried residue. Easy. It cleaned the car well and left a good shine, but not quite as deep as some of the other water washes we tested. It did work very well on the outside of the car’s windows, and left them looking sparkling.

Beading capabilities are nothing to really shout about, but then this is a focussed waterless wash – not a spray wax.

As with all waterless car washes, don’t use it on thick dirt as you’ll only end up damaging your paintwork.

8/10 Easy to use, non-messy and leaves a good finish. The kit is excellent value for money.

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