X1 Shine & Seal (3 – 5 year) Review

Impressive beading and sheeting qualities, high-shine finish, quick ‘n’ easy to apply and remove. If longevity claims live up to par, it’ll be an amazing product

Smells like Brasso metal polish


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X1 sell a variety of detailing and valeting products, but their most popular is the X1 Shine & Seal polish and sealant, which contains a high amount of PTFE, amongst other ingredients. Because of this, it acts similarly to the super-slippery Teflon coating on frying pans. By nature, sealants do give a fairly long period of paintwork protection, but the difference with the X1 Shine & Seal is that they sell a version with a rather audacious and bold declaration; that their product will last up to 3 – 5 years. That is, if you maintain it properly – don’t expect to slap the X1 sealant on and then take it through a car wash every week. No product does well under those conditions.

Most people reading this will almost certainly be shaking their heads, a slightly mocking smirk on their faces. However, don’t knock what you haven’t tried. X1 are very confident that their product is up to the job though, and we were sent their 3 – 5 year X1 Shine & Seal polish and sealant to test and review. Let’s see how it does – and yes, this review will be updated every couple of months with further results.

Test time…

The test car was a scratch and swirl-ridden 1994 Mk2 Mitsubishi Pajero. Although it was washed regularly with good-quality products, several off-road stints had left it looking like it had been driven quickly through a bush – literally. Why choose this one then? Because it’s my own car, and I’ll be the only one maintaining the paintwork afterwards with the correct products, so any future result updates of how the X1 Shine & Seal is faring will be accurate.

shampooing a car with X1 Wash and gloss

You can actually apply the X1 Shine & Seal directly on to paintwork after a straightforward wash and a go-over with their pre-sealant polish product first. However, the guys at X1 agree that their sealant works and lasts far better if the paintwork is free of contaminates and machine-polished beforehand. With the paint finish being dull from a million light – and heavy – scratches, plus a few year’s worth of both environmental and industrial fallout ingrained, it needed sorting out.

After a wash, and then a decontamination process using a ValetPRO clay bar, it was time for a machine polish. Although the two-stage X1 kit comes with a preparation polish, several products were being tested that day, and so we went with the superb Britemax AIO-Max using a DA (dual-action) machine polisher, giving each panel two ‘passes’ with the AIO-Max. With the paintwork refreshed, livened up and free of all but the heaviest scratches, it was ready for the X1 Shine & Seal.

X1 Shine & Seal in use

Open the bottle, and you’ll notice the X1 isn’t scented, but has the familiar tangy odour of metal polish – like Brasso. Although we do like a pleasant-smelling product, you aren’t going to exactly be applying this product very often, so it’s not an issue.

We went with applying the X1 Shine & Seal using soft wax applicator sponges, putting down a single layer on each panel. Rather than a long curing (hardening) time, X1 Shine & Seal states you can buff it off as soon as it’s whited-over, or dried. Even in colder weather, it cured within just a few minutes, and buffing was no problem, as it wiped off easily. We applied the X1 sealant to the front half, doors and roof of the car, as the rear half was having another sealant tested on it.

X1 Shine & Seal finished result - X1 Shine & Seal review

Although the AIO-Max had left a nice finish behind, the X1 Shine & Seal added both a higher shine and further depth to the paintwork. We’ve tested many wax and polish products over the past few years, and we found the X1 sealant has left possibly the slipperiest layer of protection to the paint that we’ve comes across. While cleaning and protecting the windscreen, we covered the Pajero’s bonnet with a cloth to stop any dust. This promptly slid off as quickly as water off a ducks back. We couldn’t even tape it to the surface, as anything we used simply wouldn’t stick.

X1 Shine & Seal (3 – 5 year) beading test

We always do a test to see how well water beads and sheets after applying a wax or sealant, and the X1 Shine & Seal did very well, with the water pouring off, leaving behind very few droplets behind as it slid off the paintwork. Beading was good too, but we saw slightly better results from Nanolex Premium Paint and Alloy Sealant in that department.

X1 Shine & Seal (3 – 5 year) Water and rain beading test

X1 sealant protects paintwork from the sun’s UV rays (which make paintwork fade), plus industrial and environmental fallout, along with aiding in stopping tar, bird muck and sap from sticking to the paint.

Finally, as mentioned, you can’t just apply the X1 Shine & Seal and then expect it to continue to bead water like billy-o without a bit of care. The biggest waste of money is when someone has their car sealed or waxed, and then proceeds to take it either through a carwash or to one of those jet-wash stations you use yourself, which pump nasty chemically stuff through a gritty brush. Both these will severely diminish any paintwork protection product as fast as you can say ‘I wasted my time and money sealing my car’.

Nope, you’ve got to avoid those, and wash the car yourself using either X1 Wash & Gloss shampoo (or another pH-neutral wax-friendly shampoo), plus maintain the glossy look and sheeting/beading qualities with X1 Polish & Guard afterwards (or another wax/sealant friendly spray wax or quick detailer).

Shiny Pajero bonnet treated with X1 shine & seal

X1 Shine & Seal verdict

X1 sealant is priced from £19.95 for the 1 year protection single bottle, to between £34.50 (250 ml) and £62.50 (500 ml) for the 3 – 5 year protection two-stage kit. So, is it worth it? Well, X1 state that the smaller two-bottle set is enough for one car’s protection, but it’ll easily do two no problem, especially if you’re only applying a single layer. Regard the finish the kit leaves, it’s got to be said it’s fine, with a good depth and high gloss.

When it comes to durability, only time will tell, but in effect that’s what you’re paying for with the X1, as laying down any good car polish and wax will give you the about same finish. The beading and sheeting qualities are noteworthy, and it left a high shine to the paintwork too.

All told, if the X1 Shine & Seal works and lasts as good as the bottle states, then it’ll have done its job – proving naysayer’s to be wrong. We shall see…

Have you used X1 Shine & Seal for a good length of time? What results did you get? Let us know by commenting below!

Score & specs

These are just initial scores, which will change depending on how impressed we are with the claimed durability.

Finish  8
Durability  Not tested as yet
Ease of use  8
Beading/sheeting  8.5
Price  8
Overall  8.0 / 10  


Product  X1 Shine & Seal (two-stage kit)
Finish  High-shine
Ease of application  Sealant goes on easily, sets quickly, and is buffed off with little effort
Durability  3 – 5 years (claimed)
Beading & sheeting  Excellent sheeting, and good beading qualities
Stinky or scented?  Stinky. Reminds of Brasso metal polish
Price  £34.50 (250 ml) – £62.50 (500 ml) for the 3 – 5 year protection two-stage kit
More info  www.CarWaxWashPolish.com

Words: Chris Davies | Tested by: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

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  1. Satyam

    Hello, my 2013 black KIA Rio has already got swirl marks…can x1 3-5 years conceal the swirl marks and protect the car’s paint?

  2. Steven

    Hi Chris, I’m just starting out doing valet work in my city. Can you advise the cheapest way to dress tyre’s that still leaves a nice gloss. Kind Regards Steven

  3. Paul

    Hi Chris, Can I buy the X1 shine ans sealant in Canada?
    Please let me know
    Thank you

  4. Joe Mansfield-Ford

    Hi Chris

    How did x1 do in longevity?

    I have recently got into car care. I have a mk7 fiesta. And it looks fantastic when polished.

    I am planning on getting sealant. Should I still wax if I use sealant? If so should I do it before or after applying sealant?

    Also I have a lot of very small stone chip marks, only noticeable by me, what would you recommend to get rid of them?



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