Polish Angel Concours de Beauty Review

Wax Review: Polish Angel Concours de Beauty Carnauba Wax 150ml – €49.95 (£45.00)

Polish Angel (Polish as in the product, not the country) is a fairly new company hailing from Germany. With an array of beautifully-presented and well thought-out, high quality products aimed at the higher end of the market, this company looks to go far.

Along with the Concours de Beauty wax, we were sent a few products to be used together as a stage-by-stage set as a forerunner to applying the wax, which we will also review individually too.

Although the Concours de Beauty is definitely at the lower end of Polish Angel’s price range, to many it will still not be considered a cheap wax at €49.95 (£45.00) for 150ml of product, which includes a free sponge applicator pad. So, let’s see if it’s worth the money.

For starters, the manufacturer’s blurb claims that if proper preparation is done before applying the wax (wash, clay bar, light imperfection remover, sealant, wax) then it will last for 6 months from just one layer. Our test will be an ongoing one, which we will update as time progresses. If this is the case, then the higher cost is easily justified.

As a product range though, we think that the Polish Angel products definitely deserve a bit of time spent with them instead of just slapping them on – these are the type of products that could take pride of place on your garage shelves as they look so nice, and any true car cleaning enthusiast will fully appreciate this.

As mentioned, we did all the paintwork preparation work beforehand, so when it came to the final stage – waxing – we were well and truly ready to ‘test drive’ the wax.

For starters, the response to the scent of the wax is usually split 50/50. People either like it or find it strange. Personally, we were of the latter opinion at first, but after using it for a while the smell really started to grow on us until we ended up actually liking it a lot. For your information, according to the manufacturer’s blurb it has an aroma of ‘walnut, kiwi and vanilla’.

Application was beautifully easy and the waxed-up applicator pad slid across the paintwork, leaving behind a buttery-like texture. Although the wax comes in only 150ml tubs, a small amount covers a lot of bodywork.

After leaving the Concours de Beauty to cure for the recommended 15 minutes, we removed it. Removal was almost as easy as application, and we’d applied it to  warm paintwork too, which tends to harden wax quickly. The finish on the paint is warm, deep and certainly classy and we think this would look absolutely beautiful on a classic red Ferrari or something similar.

Polish Angle claim that they have around 60% of grade 1 pure Carnauba in this wax, but since a lot of carnauba-based waxes now give a similar finish, finding differences between them is not always easy. What we can report however, is that we loved the final result. Beading and sheeting qualities were good, but maybe not quite as hydrophobic as some other waxes. We’ve yet to see the longevity of the product, and we’ll update this review as the months pass.

Update: After only a couple of washes with Polish Angel’s Glissant Shampoo, the paintwork’s hydrophobic qualities were diminished by probably 30%. We are looking into whether the shampoo is to blame for this. The paintwork still feels slick and looks great though, so although the beading is diminished it’s still very well protected.

We also tried this was with a more simple test which was to clay the paintwork, use their Esclate Lotion Final Finish polish (applied by hand with a sponge applicator), and then to apply the wax. Although the finish was nice, it wasn’t quite as deep as other cheaper waxes, although sheeting and beading was fairly good still.

It’s all down to personal preference of the product, but if you are looking for something new and in all honesty, fairly unique from a owners perspective, then Polish Angel is definitely a good avenue to go down. Their products have a lot of class about them, and visually the packaging is some of the most attractive and beguiling on the market.

7.5/10 Putting in the right amount of preparation reaps the rewards with this wax. If you don’t though, it’s almost a waste.

+ The finish is warm and classy, and the product spreads far

Could be more hydrophobic

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