Polish Angel Esclate Lotion Paint Cleaner Review

Polish Review: Polish Angel Esclate Lotion Paint Cleaner 200ml – €17.45 (£15.60) / 500ml – €34.95 (£31.00)/ 1 Litre – €64.95 (£58.00)

Ever notice how sometimes you finish waxing your car, but the paintwork still looks flat and lifeless? Preparing paintwork beforehand can vastly help it to not only look better, but also give a better base for when you apply your wax or sealant.

Polish Angel’s Esclate Lotion can be used a couple of ways. Firstly, you can use it after you’ve used a heavier compound or polish beforehand as it’s a great final finish. If you just have light swirls and marks in your paintwork, you could simply apply this product to eliminate a lot of these.

We applied it by both hand and with a DA (Dual Action) machine polisher. Of course, the machine polisher gave a better finish, but we were also quite impressed when we applied it to a panel by hand.

When we applied it by DA, the surface was first prepared by washing, then clay-barring. For the final test, we did not use a heavier compound beforehand. We used the Esclate Lotion on a medium to hard pad, and did 3 ‘passes’ (went over the area 3 individual times), wiping the product off the paintwork each time before moving onto the next pass.

The product gave the paint far more definition, and the colour was bought back again. It instantly brought back a beautiful lustre and depth to the paintwork too. Although deeper scratches and swirl marks weren’t removed, this was not surprising as it’s clearly not made for that kind of job as it’s only a very, very fine polish after all.

We found that using it on hot bodywork in direct sunlight wasn’t a good way to do it, as the product quickly baked onto the paintwork and was difficult to remove.

Pricing is not excessively expensive, and it’s not overly cheap either. Use the product wisely though and you’ll get a lot if usage out of even the smallest 200ml version.

8.5/10 Using Esclate Lotion as a final finish, or on very light swirl marks works nicely. Great results. Paintwork was noticeably richer and deeper in colour.

A nice easy product to use. Excellent as a final finish and base for waxes or sealants.

Doesn’t remove anything more than very light swirl marks

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Light swirl marks in paintwork

Application using a Dual Action machine polisher

Left - Before / Right - Results

Left - Before / Right - Results

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