Polish Angel Master Sealant Review

Sealant Review: Polish Angel Master Sealant 200ml – €24.95 (£22.00) / 500ml – €49.95 (£44.00) / 1 litre – €89.95 (£80.00)

If you haven’t used a pre-wax sealant before, you’d best get onto that right away. Paint sealants in their various guises are quickly becoming popular as users see the added benefits for themselves. Sealants protect paintwork for longer, meaning easier wash times, general paint maintenance, and a better-looking finish for a longer period.

So, how did Polish Angel’s Master Sealant do? As with any sealant, pre-application preparation is most definitely a must, which we did. Application was easier, in fact we’d say beautifully easy. Using a sponge applicator pad we applied just a few millilitres, and this amount spread far, easily covering half of the rather large 4×4’s bonnet we were testing it on.

After leaving the Master Sealant to cure for the recommended 15 minutes, we half expected a bit of a fight removing it, but hugely surprisingly there was zero difficulty. It’s possible that this is the easiest-to-remove product that we’ve ever come across before in fact. Not just sealants, but anything. We’d liken the removal to taking off something like a spray wax – very easy, in other words.

It definitely gave the paint a deeper glow and warmth. Multi-layering the Master Sealant would maybe make a difference and you can apply another layer around every 2 hours. We wondered why there was a need to wax on top of it, as the Polish Angel Concours de Beauty we used didn’t seem to make a difference to the finish or beading and sheeting qualities of the Master Sealant. Still, the wax will add to the lifespan of the sealant, so it’s worth it in that respect.

The scent of the product is not very nice though, is quite strong when up close but after application the smell disappears.

Regarding longevity, Polish Angel boast up to 12 months per layer but as this is an ongoing test, we’ll update it with progress reports.

Water beading and sheeting, although excellent after first applied, seemed to lose its strength after only a couple of washes with Polish Angel’s Glissant Shampoo. This doesn’t mean that the protection is gone, and the paintwork still felt slick once dried, but the paintwork was less hydrophobic.

Price-wise, although it may seem expensive in actual fact it isn’t. This product spreads really far so you don’t need to use much, and if it does live up to the 12 month lifespan, you’re actually getting a bit of a bargain.

7.5/10 Probably the easiest sealant ever to apply and remove. Leaves a nice glow to paintwork

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+ Superb ease of use, and a nice glow to paintwork

Product scent isn’t nice. Water beading and sheeting diminished quickly.

Applying the Master Sealant

Beading and sheeting qualities - Decent enough at first...

...but seemed to diminish quickly after washing the vehicle





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