ProShine Tyre and Trim Shine – Tyre Shine Review

Proshine tyre and trim shine test and review

Tyre Shine Test: ProShine Tyre and Trim Shine 8 fl. ounces (236.5 ml) – £7.95

We found that not much of the product needs to be used, and you can simply spray it straight onto a cloth rather than your tyres to save mess. The shine was quite deep and slick but it left the tyres a little too greasy and sticky for our liking.

It didn’t last overly well and was sightly messy to apply, plus, unless you spend a decent amount of time removing the excess it can easily flick onto paintwork. This product works better as a Trim Shine. See the Trim Shine Review.

6/10 The shine is deep, but doesn’t last very long and application is messy too.

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