Smartwax Concours Wax

Smartwax Concours Wax

Car Wax Test: Smartwax Concours 256 g – £45.99 / $49.95

Great stuff. Yet another excellent wax on the market. The more the merrier we say! Smartwax Councours has over 50% of Grade 1 Carnauba in it, and you can really tell that when applying it. When it says ‘spread thinly’ on the package, it means it. We applied what we thought was a thin layer to the paintwork, and left it the recommended 8-10 minutes to work with the bodywork. This actually turned out to be a thick layer, and took a bit of work to take off with a Microfibre cloth. We’ll know for next time.

This (cough) ‘experiment’ was good anyway, as it shows just how little of this product is needed to cover a good-sized area. This Concours wax gave the vehicle an extremely deep and wet shine. In fact we were astounded by just how good it was. It’s one of those products that really needs to be seen (and used), to be believed when it comes to results time. It’ll last a good month or more if you use a decent wash and wax afterwards to maintain it.

It may seem pricey at nearly £46.00, but you do get what you pay for. This is one wax that will not disappoint!

9/10 Well worth the price. A very high quality wax which gives a high quality finish.

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2 responses to “Smartwax Concours Wax”

  1. philip watson

    Absolutely stunning,goes on and polishes up nicely. a joy to use A+++++ product

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