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Smartwax SmartONE Waterless Wash


Waterless Car Wash Test: Smartwax SmartONE Waterless Car Wash 150 ml – £14.00 / 473 ml – £14.99 / U.S 8oz – $9.89

This came to us in the handy 150 ml size which will fit into any normal sized glovebox, so if the car needs a quick wipe over, it’s there ready. You use the lid and attached lid tube of this 150 ml bottle to pump pressure into it. You can then get a great light and even misting pattern laid down, meaning you use less.
Ingenious. Just a small detail, but that’s what we like in products. One point though, weirdly, it’s only around £1.50 more to buy the larger 473ml spray – we’re guessing the smaller one is expensive because of the pump-up-sprayer system on it.

The other 473 ml bottle comes as a trigger pump action spray, and if you clean your car a fair bit, it’s definitely worth getting over the small bottle. The SmartONE itself is very easy to use and completely non-messy. Spray on, wipe off, then give it a final quick wipe over. It contains Carnauba wax, which protects the paintwork, leaves a great shine and a nice glossy finish on plastic, plus it smells amazing too. We also tried it on the outside of the car’s rear and side windows, and it worked excellently, making the rain bead up and blow off at speed. It’s a good product and lasts okay too.

As with Smartwax’s other products, this is an environmentally-friendly product, but this doesn’t mean that they’ve compromised on the quality of it.

8/10 Works excellently on bodywork, plastic and glass, plus it’s environmentally friendly.

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