StjarnaGloss Hjul ph Neutral Wheel Cleaner

StjarnaGloss Hjul wheel cleaner test and review

Wheel Cleaner Test: StjärnaGloss Hjul pH Neutral Wheel Cleaner 473ml – £7.95 / 3.78 litres – £24.95

StjärnaGloss are a fairly new car care company, but one that has made their entrance with some truly outstanding products. This wheel cleaner gel is one of those and doesn’t disappoint. It is aimed more at regularly cared for wheels, rather than those that have months of dirt and grime embedded into them. It is completely Acid and Alkali free which means that it can be used on any type of wheel or rim. Chrome, painted, alloy and carbon fibre – all okay.

But if it’s free from those more toxic products and can clean any type of wheel, it must be a weakling right? Nope. In fact, it’s the opposite. A month’s worth of brake dust is no problem at all to it and, as it can be diluted to your needs, you will save money if you’re just using it on wheels that are lightly dirty. It is a thick and sticky product when neat, and in that form can actually be painted straight onto your wheels if they are really dirty. With it being a gel, once you spray it onto your wheels, it sticks there rather than running off, as normal cleaners do, which in turn helps it to work its way deep into the grime.

We tried it at a 1:5 and 1:15 dilution rates on dirty and lightly soiled wheels, and it performed excellently. It smells of Piña Colada too which makes cleaning that little bit more enjoyable.

9/10 A superb and extremely safe wheel cleaner which is more suited to regularly maintained wheels. Can be used on any type of rim.

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Stjarnagloss Hjul PH Neutral wheel cleaner

Stjarnagloss Hjul PH Neutral wheel cleaner

Stjarnagloss hjul wheel cleaner

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