Turbo Wax Spray-N-Wax


Car Wax Test: Turbo Wax Spray-N-Wax 4oz (118ml) – $8.99 / 16oz (473ml) – $15.99

8/10 A quick and easy way to get your car’s bodywork looking and feeling great.

Turbowax Spray n Wax bottle. test and reviewA spray wax. If you like your car to have that ‘just-waxed’ feel after you’ve polished or waxed it, Spray-N-Wax is a must. The manufactures blurb states that it leaves behind a ‘super slick shine’, and… it does just that!

After we’d washed and dried out our ‘test’ cars, we sprayed a light misting of the product onto the recommended area of 2′ x 2′, and then wiped it straight off, using another microfibre to take off any excess. This worked very well, but we also found that leaving the Spray-N-Wax on the paintwork for one or two minutes before removing it meant a deeper shine and an even slicker feel.

The shine is deep and not unlike a good quality hand-applied wax in its finish. The beading effect is not quite as good as some other waxes give, but that can be forgiven for the small amount of time it takes to fully wax your car with this product. Although the product will only last around 2 weeks per application, it’s such an easy job to re-apply it, that it’s not really a worry.

Turbo Wax

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*Before and after photographs coming soon*

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