Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner

Turbowax Wheel Cleaner test and review

Wheel Cleaner Test: Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner 4oz (118ml) – $8.99 / 16oz (473ml) – $15.99

After testing this wheel cleaner on rims in various stages of filthiness, we came to the conclusion that for a ‘non-acidic & safe’ wheel cleaner, this product works very well on deep grime.

The range and type of wheel it can be used on is good and even includes being able to use it on clear coat and tyres too. We used it to remove very thick industrial tyre shine from a set of tyres along with a stiff scrubbing brush. It worked brilliantly and got rid of all of the nasty gloopy tyre shine and left the natural finish behind.

On one particular set of rims, there were several large pieces of road tar stuck on, and the Turbo Wax shifted them with no trouble at all. The finish left behind is bright and shiny. The instructions are to spray the Wheel Cleaner on, leave it to dwell for one minute and then agitate with a wheel brush. After the one minute dwelling time, we found that it had dried slightly too much to agitate properly, but another quick spray of the stuff gives enough to work with.

9/10 A very good wheel cleaner which is safe for any type of wheel and tyre. Cleans deeply and brightens well.

Turbo Wax are currently looking for a U.K distributor of their products. If you are interested, contact them through their website.

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