Turtle Wax ICE Synthetic Paste Polish

Turtle Wax ICE Synthetic Paste polish

Car Wax Test: Turtle Wax ICE Synthetic Paste Polish – £19.99 / $20.00

This is basically the same kit as the Liquid Polish and you get a microfibre cloth and sponge applicator with it. This is a paste instead of a liquid. We found it to be good on most surfaces including the rubbers, plastics and chrome on the vehicle. It didn’t leave any residue either, which makes applying it quicker than a ‘normal’ wax or polish, as you can be less careful where you apply it.

It lasts longer than the Liquid Polish and leaves the same high shine on the bodywork. In conclusion, the Liquid Polish is quicker and easier to apply than the Paste Polish, but the Paste lasts longer by a couple of weeks.

A major thing to note (which we have included in the other review) – this is not, in fact, a polish – it contains zero cutting agents. We think it’s just an Americanism. It’s really a synthetic wax. People tend to get confused on the differences between a polish and a wax, but this is simple stuff, and we’re here to help.

Lets clear it up here:

A polish contains cutting, and sometimes filling, agents. They are used for bringing life back into your paintwork by taking a minuscule layer of lacquer or paint off your bodywork. They are capable (depending on the product) of filling and/or hiding swirl marks and light scratches, plus they can also brighten paintwork by removing oxidised (faded) paint.

A wax should contain no cutting agents – although they do sometimes have natural filling qualities. A wax is used to protect your paintwork, and should be used after using a polish to give that deep and luscious shine that we so want on our cars.

7/10 Leaves a high shine that lasts a decent time and water will still bead up on the car weeks later. Quick ‘n easy to use, which is a bonus.

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6 responses to “Turtle Wax ICE Synthetic Paste Polish”

  1. Bernie Ward

    I wanted to know if the turtle wax ice synthetic paste has been discontinued? I can’t seem to find it in the stores. thank you.

  2. Enterprise

    Hello, today I purchased the product, I went to buy liquid wax and saw this
    next product was not in the shop where you live, buy it without reading
    very carefully, I was disappointed that after polishing off because he wanted to wax, but after seeing your comment, and a paper that comes in
    product, also called liquid wax polish · Ice Liquid Polish ¨ by
    what I’m calmer and I think it’s just wax, I did a test on exit
    store and the result has been good this afternoon will give the entire car,
    I hope I can understand because I do not speak English.


  3. Luke Chambers

    hello I live in the UK I use this on my motorbike and can’t seem to buy anymore.. does anyone know where I can get it from?

    many thanks

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