Turtle Wax Ice Synthetic Wheel Cleaner

Effective wheel cleaner

A little bit pricey for what you get. Brush is a bit awkward on spoked wheels

Turtle Wax Ice Synthetic Wheel Cleaner spray bottle with brush

Wheel Cleaner Test: Turtle Wax Ice Synthetic Wheel Clean £10.99 / $7.99

A spray-on cleaner. Follow the instructions correctly and this wheel cleaner works well and quickly too. Even if you haven’t kept up with cleaning your wheels and they’re covered in a layer of brake dust and winter road slime, this product will cut straight through it and leave your wheels clean and shining.

Although it comes with a handy brush to help shift the dirt quicker, the brush is a bit large for spoked wheels, and it can’t reach in-between too well. You’re better off getting a proper soft bristled wheel cleaning brush as they’re really cheap and do a better job.

We’d recommend using plenty of the product if your wheels are very dirty. Overall an okay product with a good result.

6/10 Not bad, but a little on the expensive side and plenty is needed to get a really good finish.

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