Turtle Wax Wet ‘n’ Black

Tyre Shine Test: Turtle Wax Wet ‘n’ Black 500ml – £4.99 / 23oz – $4.99

This tyre shine from Turtle Wax really does do exactly what it says. It’s easy to apply, either spray it straight on or spray onto a cloth (better with low profile tyres) and apply it that way. Whichever way you apply it though, there’s no need use a lot of effort rubbing it into the tyres, as it is fast-drying.

It leaves a deep, wet looking shine which will lasts for a good few weeks, no matter what the weather throws at it. We found that even if the tyres were dirty or wet, it would still go on fine, and it looked great. Don’t over-apply the product though, otherwise it will flick up onto your bodywork.

9/10 If you like your tyres nice and shiny, it’s excellent and only loses a point as you can get through a bottle of it fairly quickly.

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