ValetPRO Classic Tyre Dressing review

What’s the best way of finishing detailing your car? Tyre shine. Yes, this fairly humble-but-essential product is, I believe, the finishing touch to making your car look its best at the end of a valet.

Not using a tyre shine after polishing and waxing a car is like wearing a great suit but leaving on a pair of knackered, dirty trainers – it takes a lot away from the overall appearance. However, using a cheap, greasy tyre shine product is just as bad as using none, so getting a high quality one is crucial to that end result.

I was sent ValetPRO Classic Tyre Dressing to test and review, and thankfully it’s the detailing equivalent of a high-end pair of shoes to go with that aforementioned suit…

Test time

As an overview, quoting ValetPRO; ‘Classic Tyre Dressing is a highly durable silicone based tyre dressing [which] leaves your tyres with a fresh, ‘like new’ finish, making it suitable for vehicles of any era [and] gives you a subtle shine that stays on your tyres‘.

ValetPRO Classic Tyre Dressing comes in two sizes; 500ml for the average car cleaning enthusiast, or 5 litres for the valeter/detailer. I was sent the 500ml bottle, which has a click-open cap for pouring rather than a sprayer. Up front, I’d like to say that I way prefer the the pouring method as I’ve tried a whole load of sprayer shines over the years and you inevitably get overspray onto your wheels and brakes, even if you’re careful.

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Classic Tyre Dressing is a clear liquid with thin viscosity which pours out easily and spreads well, while not being so watery that it goes everywhere. There’s barely any smell to it either, unlike those horrible chemically ones that the cheap hand car wash places tend to use.

ValetPRO recommends pouring the tyre dressing into something like a spray can lid, which is exactly what I did for the test. I tested the product on two different vehicles, and to note both had tyres in good condition (no cracking or bad wear etc on the sidewalls), and beforehand I had cleaned and dried them in preparation for the tyre product. If you don’t do this, it’d be like applying wax to an unwashed car – pointless.

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To cover the main flatter area of the sidewalls, I firstly poured some Classic Tyre Dressing onto a sponge applicator pad, wiping it over sidewall and getting it spread evenly. I was impressed by just how far the product spreads and how little is needed to do so.

Pour a line of product approximately 7 cm long (3 inches) onto the sponge, and that will quite easily cover a third of the sidewall on an average-size 17-inch tyre, or when using it on my 4×4’s larger 265/70/16’s, it covered just over a 1/4 of the sidewall. This means it’s kind on your wallet, which is always good.

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To make sure the dressing was worked into areas such as the imprinted tyre brand, raised styling lines or chunky sidewall protectors (also known as ‘sidebiters’), I used the chemical-resistant ValetPRO Ultra Soft Brush. Again, the Classic Tyre Dressing spreads and covers all these types of areas with incredible ease and speed, to the extent that I started double-checking to see if I’d actually applied it fully over all parts of the sidewall!

There’s a slight wet look as the tyre dressing goes on but it quickly absorbs into the rubber, and within a five to ten minute period the product will have fully settled.

I really liked that there was no patchy areas or runs after I’d allowed it to settle, which can be an issue sometimes. I was also really impressed with the end result; an attractive satin finish. While it’s obvious the sidewalls have had tyre product applied, it’s subtle and smart rather than shouty and super-shiny.

Classic Tyre Dressing also lasts really well. The day after applying it, we had three straight days of heavy rain, and the product stayed on pretty well considering the amount of water around. On the other test car, which is stood, the product has had those days of heavy rain, plus some really hot days, and the shine has lost absolutely none of its depth or lustre.

Overall, ValetPRO Classic Tyre Dressing is a truly great product, and it absolutely has to be one to keep in your box of detailing gear.

UPDATE: After three full months, incredibly the Classic Tyre Dressing is still clearly making a difference to the look of the tyres! The vehicle has been parked for that period, but it has been parked open 360º to the elements and has been battered by heavy rain and winds many times, sometimes at storm-force level, and it also has to contend with all the fallout of sap, leaves and dust from surrounding trees. I’m hugely impressed with this product!

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Product  ValetPRO Classic Tyre Dressing 
Features  Highly durable, leaves a high quality shine, application is quick and easy, only a small amount is needed per tyre
Prices (UK)  GBP: 500ml: £8.99 | 5 litres: £36.00

Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies

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