Up to Scratch? We Try the T-Cut Scratch Magic Pen

Simple to use, hides light scratches well, protects from rusting

Obvious in sunlight

T-Cut Scratch Magic Pen Review

Image shows the T-Cut Scratch Magic Pen

What’s it for?

It’s as suspected Watson, we deduct from the name of the product that it’s for hiding and repairing scratches on car paintwork. No, it’s not actually magic before you ask.

What does the packaging promise?

‘Scratch Magic Pen has a clear formula, suitable for use on all paint colours and finishes, including metallics. It is quick and easy to use and masks scratches and stone chips in one quick application and protects paint from harsh weather conditions, rusting and oxidation.’

image shows the T-Cut Scratch Magic pen in its packaging

How do you use it?

It’s ridiculously simple – anyone can use it, and that’s the attraction of the Scratch Magic Pen. Simply find the light scratch you want to repair on your paintwork, clean and dry the area properly, take out the pen, shake it for around 60 seconds, push the nib down on a separate surface (we used paper) a few times to get the liquid flowing and apply to the scratch.

It’s just like using a felt-tip pen really, and is literally like drawing on the bodywork.

Image shows 4 photo's of how to use the T-Cut Scratch Magic Pen and it removing scratches for a car's paintwork

Top left: initial scratch; Top right; cleaning the area; Bottom left: using the scratch magic pen; Bottom right: scratch is significantly less visible

Does it work?

The T-CUT Scratch Magic Pen definitely works, and does cover up most light scratches. Anything deeper than that though, and it doesn’t make much difference visually. With stone chips, as they are literally that – a chunk out of the paintwork – it won’t disguise them as they’re usually down to the undercoat but we do like the way it’ll instantly seal that area, and stop water getting in which causes bubbling or rusting.

We tried it on both flat paint and metallic and it did make a big difference to obvious scratches, hiding the bulk of the ugly mark. Quite impressive stuff really, considering it’ll go with any paint colour.
Image shows use of the T-Cut Scratch Magic Pen. It Works!

Any drawbacks?

The Scratch Magic Pen is good, but we noticed that although from some angles the scratch is totally hidden, once you see it in bright sunlight the product from the Magic Pen is far more obvious, and can even look a little messy, even if you’re careful applying it. Still, we’d rather have that than a glaringly obvious scratch and it is noticeably less apparent on both metallic and non swirl-marked paintwork.

Image shows before and after use of T-Cut Scratch Magic Pen

Left: before using the Scratch Magic pen; Right: after use.

T-Cut Scratch magic pen being used on chipped car paint to prevent rust.

Car paint chips that can’t be made less visible still benefit from being sealed by the Scratch Magic pen

Overall opinion

We like it! Yes, it’s not the totally perfect answer to a scratch, but for that you’re looking at either a machine polish or a panel re-spray. For those that have neither the time, resources or money for these options, the T-CUT Scratch Magic Pen is certainly a decent solution.

You can also use it for scratches on bikes, motorbikes and household stuff like radiators and appliances which makes it even better value for money.

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Need-To-Know Info:

Suitable for colours: Any shade of paint | Website:www.carplan-international.com | Price: £8.99

Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

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  1. Jim Lee

    I used this on a metal motorcycle fuel tank, colour metalic purple, which had been ‘keyed’ by some scroat and it filled the scratch great, but as shown above, you can see the raised areas. So I then used a scratch remover polish, in this case I used one by G3 with their waffle sponge and was able to polish off the excess. I repeated several times and I have just about removed all traces of the scratch and I have a smooth finish, although it as taken hours!

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