Valentine’s Concours Carnauba Wax

Valentine's Concours Carnauba Wax test and review

Car Wax Test: Valentine’s Concours Carnauba Wax 250 gram – £69.99

When we were sent the Valentine’s waxes, they were beautifully presented in a classy black box with a smart high-quality ‘waxing manual’. It all looked excellent and very cool indeed, but some products turn out to be ‘all show and no go’ – so how did this one fare?

As turns out, it did supremely well in both the finish and durability categories. The car we tested it on had all previous wax removed first using washing-up detergent, and then it was put through a full machine polishing process – which happened to coincide with the Valentine’s waxes we needed to test.

Three layers were applied over the course of a week, to the sides and lower rear of the car, the reason being that we were testing Valentine’s other wax – Road and Track – on the bonnet, roof and boot areas. Application was a joy – the reasons for this being that it spreads wonderfully and virtually effortlessly. It goes on a lot like butter and although it’s hard to spread thinly because of the texture, this is not a problem as removal is easy. We’d recommend leaving it to cure for around 10 – 15 minutes depending on the climate.

Another reason for us loving the application process was because the product smells so good. It has a pleasant aroma of honey and coconut oil.

Results? The Concours Carnauba finish is superb and has a definite air of class about it. It leaves a mixture of a rich depth and a crystal-like shine. The wax definitely accentuates any curves a car may have, and even ‘normal’ cars seem to have an elegant touch about them once you’ve used this product.

When we had finished waxing the test car – a metallic dark Green 1999 Seat Toledo TDi – we were simply astounded at just how good it looked, and we sat and admired those looks for a good amount of time before finally taking it out of the garage and onto the road. Even this everyday ‘mile muncher’ was transformed into a sleek and slick-looking vehicle. So, if you are fortunate enough to own something beautiful such as a Bentley Continental GT or a Ferrari 458 Italia – this wax will enhance its looks to an even greater degree.

To fully appreciate the Valentine’s waxes, we strongly recommend at least clay barring the car first and then using a paint preparation product before applying the wax – it deserves that much at least.

How long has it lasted though? We applied the wax over 5 months ago and it still gives excellent beading and a good shine too. We have not applied any other wax between now and then, and all we have done is use good quality wax-friendly car shampoo’s when it comes to washing the car.

What about the cost? Although Valentine’s Concours Carnauba Wax is fairly expensive at nearly £70.00, it really is worth every penny. It has over 80% of the highest grade Carnauba wax in and will out-perform and out-shine waxes which cost far more.

Another factor is that not a lot is needed when it comes to application, and a little spreads a long way too, so the 250 gram tub – which gives 30 plus applications – it comes in will last for a long, long time.

Any negatives? Whereas some waxes can just be applied without needed to ‘prep’ the paint beforehand, and still look very good, Valentine’s waxes definitely need the car’s paintwork to have a fair amount of attention before applying it in order to get a really really decent shine. All waxes benefit from a bit of paint prep before application, but these seemed to need that bit more than usual. Having said that, the results you do get once you have done this are – as already stated – outstanding.

Out of the two Valentine’s waxes we tested, we really can’t tell the difference when it comes to finish as both are as nice as each other, and the longevity is looking about the same at the moment too. We would recommend going with the Road ‘n Track over the Concours Carnauba as you will save nearly £25.00 in the process and get as good results.

8/10 Concours Carnauba Wax is a very classy product. Leaves a stunningly beautiful finish which will last for months on end.

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Application – Concours Carnauba Wax goes on like melting butter.


The finish is simply stunning

A Hover Fly admires its reflection in the results from Valentine’s Concours Carnauba Wax

Valentine’s Concours Carnauba Wax beading qualities are amazing and last excellently

More beading – these have a look of glass beads

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  1. david cowe

    i bought a pot of this wax about 2and half years ago for my daughters audi tt and am surprised how good it really is i get to clean her car every 4 months and the water is still beading her car is not acar that sits in a heated garage its on the road everyday well chuffed with this wax

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