ValetPRO Bilberry Wheel Cleaner Review

ValetPRO Bilberry Wheel Cleaner test and review

Wheel Cleaner Test: ValetPRO Bilberry Wheel Cleaner 1 litre – £9.50 / 5 litres – £21

10/10 Huge value for money, and the most exceptional, effective and ‘safe’ wheel cleaner we’ve ever come across.

The Valet PRO Bilberry Wheel Cleaner has quite a following amongst car detailers, valeters and car cleaning enthusiasts. Go on most detailing forums and it is widely talked about as being one of the best and easiest-to-use wheel cleaners around.

Talking to a variety of users of VP’s Bilberry, we found that the wheel cleaner was just one of those ‘must have’s’ in your product collection.

So, how does it stack up? Let’s find out!

How to use Bilberry wheel cleaner.

To use this product simply dilute it yourself to your own need and buy yourself a spray bottle (D.I.Y centres will sell you one for around £3). For heavily soiled wheels you can use it neat or dilute it 1 to 1 part water, or for lightly soiled wheels,1 to 5 parts water. Initially, we were actually quite sceptical that this Bilberry wheel cleaner would work properly, as it’s acid free, but those thoughts were vanquished pretty darn quickly once we’d got on with testing it.

The test.

The wheels we used it on were extremely dirty, having left them for weeks without a clean. They were covered thickly in brake dust and mud. However, we used the ValetPro product 1 to 5 parts water, instead of neat, just to test how good it was. After spraying on the Bilberry and leaving it to soak for a couple of minutes, we then used a wheel brush to agitate the product and get it worked into the dirt. At the same time we cleaned the tyres too.

The Results

The results? ‘Good’, is a complete and utter understatement. The word for this stuff is ‘amazing’. Clean and shiny wheels within only a couple of minutes, and no streaks left behind (and we also used it in direct, hot sunlight too). The tyres also cleaned up nicely, with most of the dirt coming right out.

We’ve been using this product from Valet PRO for over 2 years now, and if there was ever a name synonymous with Valet PRO, it is most definitely Bilberry Wheel Cleaner.

This is one of the best wheel cleaners we have ever used, bar none, and it fully lives up to the hype.

10/10 Huge value for money, and the most exceptional, effective and ‘safe’ wheel cleaner we’ve ever come across.

Valet PRO

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