ValetPRO Citrus Bling Review

ValetPRO Citrus Bling

Car Wax Test: Valet PRO Citrus Bling  500 ml – £8.63 / 5 litres – £46

Citrus Bling can be used to do the following jobs; Fast wax, quick detailer, glass polish and clay lube.Does it do them well? Yes, excellently in fact.

It needs be diluted down for some of the jobs and you have to buy your own sprayer to put it in, (go to a DIY shop, they’ll sell them).

As a fast wax it leaves a good finish and is very easy to use. Just make sure that if you’re applying it in direct sunlight, polish it off quickly as it can streak slightly.

It is easily removed however, but do it right first time and it’s no problem. For use as a quick detailer, after you’ve washed and waxed your car, or even just used after washing it, it really is great and gets a ‘showroom finish’ quickly and easily.

It can also be used as a glass cleaner and a clay lube (see Glass Cleaner and Clay Lube reviews).

9/10 Bargain. Buy it! There’s no rival that will do all these jobs as well for the same price.

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