ValetPRO Citrus Bling

ValetPRO Citrus Bling test and review


Glass Product Test: ValetPRO Citrus Bling  500ml – £10.20 / 5 litres – £60.00

As a glass cleaner and treatment this stuff is top notch. It’s really easy to use and leaves the glass look really clear and sparkling outside. Another big plus is that if used on the front windscreen, any rain will bead up well and blow off at any speed over 40 mph (65 kph) for a good week or so.

We wouldn’t recommend using it to clean glass on the inside, as it tends to leave slight smears, but for the exterior of glass, it’s fine.

It doesn’t remove sticky bugs from glass too easily but a bit of hard work will do that anyway. Can also be used as a clay lube and a wax detailer. (see Clay Lube and Wax Detailer reviews).

8/10 Great price. Easy to use and leaves a good finish too. Also excellent as a windscreen rain repellant.

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