Valet PRO Protectant on Exterior Trim

Valet PRO Talos Protectant 500mlExterior Trim Product Test: Valet PRO Protectant 500 ml – £8.63

A liquid. This product is excellent when used on exterior trim. We’d use it in 1:1 diluted form as it’s barely any different to look at in neat form and saves you money.

Spray onto a soft cloth and apply to your exterior trim and plastics. Leave it for 1 or 2 minutes to settle, then take the excess off with another dry soft cloth.

On plastics and rubber the finish will be instantly deepened, in a very classy way though, and any faded plastics should be turned back again. Any water that gets onto the trim afterwards will bead up nicely and run off, adding to your cars freshly waxed look in the rain.

Lasts well and look great wash after wash. (Can also be used on Interior Trim and as a Tyre Shine)

9/10 Great classy finish, simple to use, lasts very well and a good price.

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Valet PRO Protectant Exterior Trim Test and review

Before (Left) and After applying Valet PRO Protectant (Right)

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