ValetPRO Talos Protectant on Tyres

Valet PRO Talos Protectant 500mlValet PRO

Tyre Shine Test: ValetPRO Talos Protectant 500 ml – £8.63

(Formerly known as Valet Pro Protectant)

Talos Protectant is a versatile trim and rubber product. As a tyre shine it’s best to use Talos Protectant in a pump-action spray bottle either neat or diluted 1:1 with water.

Whichever way you choose to use it this is one of the best tyre products we’ve ever used before. To use it spray the Protectant onto your dry tyre, leave to settle for 10-15 minutes.

Make sure any excess is dabbed off the tyres with a sponge or cloth to save it flicking onto bodywork. In neat form you get a very good ‘wet look’, and diluted 1:1 you still get a hell of a good shine. For a slightly more less glossy finish, use it diluted 1:1.

Although the product looks greasy, it doesn’t attract dust, and dust won’t stick to the finish either. The Protectant lasts very well and will still look great after many miles of driving through all weathers. If used neat it can be expensive to use as a 500 ml bottle will go quickly, but used 1:1 it’s much more economical. (Can also be used on Interior Trim and Exterior Trim)

9/10 Amazing finish. One of the best we’ve come across for a classy look, plus it lasts for ages too.

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Valet PRO Protectant Tyre dressing test

Before Talos Protectant is applied

Valet PRO Protectant Tyre dressing test

After Talos Protectant was applied. We used it undiluted. Fantastic result.

Valet PRO Protectant Tyre dressing test

50/50 split of before and after. The difference is stunning. Click image for a much larger view.

Valet PRO Protectant Tyre dressing test. Close up of tyre side wall

Close up view of the tyre. The shine and protection lasts for weeks.

Valet PRO Protectant Tyre dressing test. Side view after application of Valet PRO Talos Protectant

Finished Result.

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7 responses to “ValetPRO Talos Protectant on Tyres”

  1. Mark

    Can this product be applied with a paintbrush ?

  2. Mike

    Hi Chris,

    In the example pics above is the product 1:1 or a neat application?

    Cheers big ears

    Mike 🙂

  3. mdavies

    Hi Mike. I applied it undiluted which gives the best and longest lasting finish. As you can see it looks great.

  4. liam

    hello can you use this on white wall tyres?

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