Valet PRO Achilles Prep

CarWax  Preparation Product Test: Valet PRO Achilles Prep  500 ml – £9.60 / 5 litres – £48.00

As a paint preparation product, ValetPro Achilles Prep is very, very good. It can be used as an ‘after claying’ product or on its own if you’re in a rush.

We put only a small amount on a foam applicator pad and went over panels until we had covered a full car. The paintwork was in medium-bad condition and the vehicle had not been washed properly or waxed in a long time, so it had plenty of swirl marks and light scratches on the paint surface.

After we’d removed the Achilles Prep from half of each panel we were astounded at the results on the side-by-side findings. The paint went from dull and lifeless, to glossy and fresh-faced again. Nice.

The lighter scratches were almost removed and the swirl marks were a lot less obvious. Used with a machine polisher or DA (dual action) polisher, Achilles Prep gives absolutely stunning results. If you want a product that’ll beat T-Cut into the ground, have a go with ValetPro Achilles Prep. It’s kinder and way less harsh to paintwork than T-Cut, and it’s easier to use too.

9/10 A little effort produces superb results. Deepens colour, makes paintwork smoother, gets rid of swirls and light scratches and makes a brilliant base for a coat of wax or sealant.

Valet PRO

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