Valet PRO Artemis Wax Seal

ValetPRO Artemis Wax Seal reviewValetPRO

Car Wax Test: Valet PRO Artemis Wax Seal  100 ml – £17.95

A very good product indeed. We were impressed with the finish of this wax. It leaves a real crystal-clear sharp shine to the paintwork and looks extremely nice on coloured cars such as reds and yellows etc.

The better the paintwork is on the vehicle the better the effect is. A well prepared car will accept this wax far better than one that hasn’t really been looked after.

The wax really goes a long way and only a small amount is needed to cover a large panel. Application and removal is easy and non-fussy. This wax has exceptional durability and we saw a great shine months after we’d applied it.

Washing your car regularly (with the right car wash product) will prolong the wax even further. The price may seem high but consider a little goes far and how durable this wax is soon eliminates any doubts about that.

9/10 A sparkling finish matched with great durability

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