Valet PRO Dionysus Trim Glitz

Car Exterior Trim Product Test: Valet PRO Dionysus Trim Glitz 500ml – £12.95

So your pride and joy is sitting there all shiny after and it’s been washed and waxed, but something’s letting it down. You realise the formerly crisp black trim on your car has faded to a lackluster grey. If you’re old skool you wipe it down with a rag and some engine oil, but that’s messy, it stinks and it’s bad for your trim. What you really need is a top notch trim product. Something that will make your trim go a gorgeous deep black again and won’t fade in a hurry.  Valet Pro has been stirring its buckets of chemicals again and has a brand new product which claims to do just that. Is it any good?

Make no mistake, this new exterior trim product from ValetPRO is THE best trim product we’ve ever come across. Its colour is golden, and it makes sense as this stuff is liquid gold to any of the  car cleaning fanatics out there.

Once applied, Dionysus leaves behind a chasm-like deep shine, which will last for weeks through the hot sunshine and lashing rain. It will restore the look of even badly faded plastics and can also be used on rubber trim.

We were amazed to find that once it starts looking a bit dull again, simply give your trim a quick wipe over with a damp microfibre cloth, and that deep shine will re-appear once again.

This is an amazing product which we can’t praise enough.

10/10 Restores faded plastics with ease and leaves a deep shine that lasts for weeks and weeks.

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A 50/50 shot. The right side is before the Dionysus was applied.

A 50/50 of the rear step. The right side is before we applied the Dionysus.

This is a photo after the Dionysus was applied 4 weeks previously. A quick wipe down with a damp microfibre cloth was all that was needed.

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