ValetPRO Foam Blaster Review

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ValetPRO Foam Blaster review

ValetPRO Foam Blaster – the official description

The ValetPRO Foam Blaster is a compression sprayer designed to enhance snow foams. It holds 8 litres (1 & 1/3 IMP gallons) of liquid. When full it is enough to pre-wash/foam 3 cars. Because the Foam Blaster applies a more concentrated foam, the cleaning power is better than traditional foam lance systems.

This is because traditional foam systems apply the foam at a final dilution of up to 1:300. The ValetPRO Foam Blaster applies foam at a dilution of 1:15 – 1:25, which you have full control over when filling your the container up. An environmental and economical benefit is that you use less water too. In addition you will use the same or less concentrate of snow foam,  so it’s the same cost per car clean. The ValetPRO Foam Blaster is a high-quality, fully-repairable compression sprayer that we are very proud of.

Design, features and build quality

It’s immediately obvious that the Foam Blaster is made well. The main plastic body and pump sections are made from thick, durable and tough plastic, and any parts that have moulded plastic threads and screw sections are strongly-made, and built to last.

ValetPRO Foam Blaster handle detail

Even the tube that connects the pump section to the lance is good quality, and the metal clips clamping each end of the pipe are ones I’ve seen on the working of coffee machines. They clamp much harder onto pipes than traditional-type jubilee clips, therefore being able to withstand higher pressure with no leaks.

ValetPRO have made their Foam Blaster look very professional, and it will easily fit in with the rest of your gear should you be professionally valeting/detailing cars for a living.

Handily, there are highly visible measurements down the side of the bottle section, which give figures in both litres and Imperial gallons, which is huge help for getting your dilution rates perfect.

ValetPRO Foam Blaster measurement lines

A good point to mentioned actually, is that as per the official description the Foam Blaster is fully-reparable so should you have to break or snap something by accident, fear not, as you’ll soon have it working again with a quick call to ValetPRO for the bits needed.

Pull the Foam Blaster out of the packaging, and within just a couple of minutes you should have it working. Yes, it’s really that quick and easy to use. Assembly is minimal, with just the end of the lance to screw in by hand, a couple of heavy-duty clips to thread onto the strap before snapping those into place, and then one small hook which slides over a holder on the body of the filler bottle and has the job of simply holding the lance in place for storage.

ValetPRO Foam Blaster rear handle

Although this is a sponsored review, ValetPRO asked me to be up front with any improvements I could see, but the only one really is to do with that hook for the lance. Personally, I’d superglue it into place on my preferred side of bottle, because otherwise it keeps jumping off each time you pull the lance away.

Aside from that, I’m very happy with the build quality of the ValetPRO Foam Blaster overall, and there’s no issues on the quality side of things.

ValetPRO Foam Blaster pump and sprayer details

Using the ValetPRO Foam Blaster

Traditional snow foam lances have been used for ages now, so why make this version? I can personally see a few reasons. Firstly, it can be used by both professionals as well as car cleaning enthusiasts, covering all the bases. It looks professional and high grade, but it’s also portable, easy to use and non-messy.

ValetPRO Foam Blaster in use

Should you not own a pressure washer or have access to one, the ValetPRO Foam Blaster gives you all the benefits of a traditional lance system without either the need for a pressure washer or the fuss and mess of dragging it out of your shed, plugging in the water and electrics, finding and attaching the foam gun, and then having to remove that once you used it.

For valeters/detailers, while you’ll obviously you’ll be using a pressure washer anyway, the Foam Blaster still saves the fuss and aggro of attaching the foam lance and dragging it around the car.

ValetPRO Foam Blaster in use

For the average Joe or enthusiast who want to just get on and wash the car quickly with the aid of a hose pipe and sprayer, instead of pulling out the pressure washer, this is perfect for such a job, and the lack of fuss is definitely one of the appealing points of the ValetPRO Foam Blaster.

Snow foams come in many colours, and you’ll probably have a preference. However, I was using ValetPRO PH Neutral Snow Foam, which is clear. I assumed because of this I’d have difficulty seeing where the liquid level was through the opaque-finished plastic filler bottle, but thankfully you can still make out the level without any problems.

ValetPRO Foam Blaster snow foam sprayer

Once I got the dilution rate to where I wanted, it’s just a matter off twisting the handle, pulling it up and then pumping the system up to pressure This doesn’t take long, and there’s not a lot of effort needed either. If you fill it to the 8-litre mark, that’s a fair amount of weight, but thankfully the strap comes in useful should you have to carry it any distance.

After years of testing products, I’m wary of the manufacturer’s claims about how well a product works, but the Foam Blaster genuinely surprised me with how good it was. As soon as the system is pressurised, a pull of the trigger showed a satisfyingly-thick, wide and even spray pattern which quickly covered each panel of the car.

ValetPRO Foam Blaster applies foam thickly

I found that after covering two-thirds of the sides of the car, the system needed pumping back up to full pressure, but this is done quickly, and the spray-pump-spray-pump routine soon becomes habit as you work your way around the vehicle.

The Foam Blaster made quick work of covering the car fully in thick snow foam, and as there are no pipes and wires to get jammed under tyres it’s a breeze get around the car. The comparatively short, thin and light lance section means little effort when spray the roof and higher sections, and you can get right under the wheel arches of an average car without a problem either.

ValetPRO Foam Blaster covering rear wheel and wheel arch

ValetPRO state the 8-litre capacity of the Foam Blaster is enough for three cars, and they’re correct as I noticed I’d used just 3 litres to cover my car, but a lot of that was repeated sprays over the same panels for photography and filming purposes.

Overall thoughts

The ValetPRO Foam Blaster is a genuinely useful piece of kit, for the professional valeter/detailer, the enthusiasts and those wanting to start taking their normal car cleaning routine to the next level.

Should you live in an area where the neighbours won’t appreciate the noise of a pressure washer being used for an evening or Sunday clean, the Foam Blaster is completely silent, therefore a good alternative.

ValetPRO Foam Blaster with ValetPRO PH Neutral Snow Foam

At £94.99 I think it’s priced fairly, due to the good build quality and high grade materials, it is less fussy and messy to set up and drag around a car than a traditional snow foam lance and gun, but with exactly the same benefits of a wide spray pattern and thick application of snow foam.


Product & Link  ValetPRO Foam Blaster
What it does  Portable, lightweight hand-pressurised snow foam application system
Price  £94.99 inc. VAT
Parts  Fully repairable and replaceable parts

Words: Chris Davies | Photography & film: Chris Davies

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  1. Samuel

    Great product, I bought valet pro online and this was the first spray foam Iv ever purchased. I usually paid friends to do it for me but I figured it was a good time to start for myself. It was easy to use and the process was easier than I thought. The waxing was the most difficult part but aside from that it went perfectly. its a wicked product.

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