Valet PRO Glass Cleaner Review

Fully smear-free and can also be used on aftermarket tinted glass

We can’t find any bad points

Glass Cleaner Review: Valet PRO Glass Cleaner 1 Litre – £5.99

Glass cleaners can be a bit of a pain. They all promise to give a ‘streak-free finish’ but they rarely, if ever, actually deliver on that.

Somehow though, ValetPRO have actually done it with their brand new Glass Cleaner. Yes, it’s official. We said so, and we know because we thoroughly tested it.

Our test involved a car with a very dirty windscreen stained with nicotine, weeks of grime build-up and most probably chemicals from evaporating dash cleaners. Whatever, it was truly filthy, and while ‘normal’ glass cleaners tend to get rid of the majority of the dirt, they also tend to push it around and leave streaking behind.

So, how did ValetPRO’s Glass Cleaner fare? Well, they promised us the usual ‘no streaking etc’ spiel and they were absolutely telling the truth!

We sprayed the Glass Cleaner onto the inner-side front ‘screen, and gave it a wipe down with a proper glass-microfibre cloth, and the dirt came straight off no problems, and it stayed on the cloth too – no pushed around the windscreen. It was the same story with all the other windows too.

Sometimes the smears aren’t noticeable as you clean, but when another oncoming car’s headlights on full beam hits your ‘glass at 1am on a rain-soaked night, believe us – it’s noticeable (and also hugely distracting)!

We checked at the times when the smears are most obvious, in both direct sunlight, and at night when they show up easily under street lighting. There was none. We tried hard to find some evidence of smearing but there simply wasn’t any.

We even tried on one of the hottest days of the year – it hit a sweaty 33˚C and being the hardy chaps we are, we risked life and (burnt) limbs, by spraying it onto the glass and giving it a wipe down. Still nothing. We can’t test it anymore as it’s beat us into submission now and we manly admit defeat – ValetPRO have succeeded where many fail. It’s a top notch glass cleaner which works perfectly.

We also tried it on a bluetooth system with soft-touch screen, and it cleaned it fine. It’s worthy to note that it can be used on window tint film, as it won’t damage it.

What we like about ValetPRO’s Glass Cleaner is that once sprayed on, it didn’t evaporate too quickly. It only dries up as you wipe it off, not whilst it’s just ‘sat’ on the surface, making it easier to use. Some cleaners vaporise so quickly that you barely get chance to wipe over the surface before it’s gone. This one was all A-Ok though.

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10/10 Does exactly what it promises. Leaves a streak-free, super-clear finish

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50/50 Left is after using Valet PRO Glass Cleaner, right is before… obviously.

View through the side window cleaned with Valet PRO Glass Cleaner. Clear, isn’t it!

Step 1: Take one dirty rear Mitsubishi Pajero tinted window…

Step 2: Spray on the Glass Cleaner (from our 50ml sample)…

Step 3: … and get some seriously good reflections

No, that’s not a shrubbery growing in the car, it’s just a very clear reflection.

4 responses to “Valet PRO Glass Cleaner Review”

  1. Ken. T

    Excellent review Chris!

    Have to agree with you on many glass cleaners promising streak free but delivering the opposite.

  2. l0nglife

    It’s need to be diluted in spray can?

  3. mdavies

    @l0nglife. Hi. Valet PRO glass cleaner does not need diluting. It is ready to use.

    Matthew (Admin).

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