Valet PRO Banana Wax (formerly known as House Wax).

Valet PRO banana car wax test and review

Car Wax Test: Valet PRO Banana Wax  500 ml – £9.20 / 5 litres – £46.00

(Formerly Known as Valet PRO House Wax).

A quick ‘n’ simple wax which gives good results without any fuss or hassle.

Put a small amount onto a foam application pad or microfibre cloth, apply to the entire vehicle, leave until it’s hazed (it takes 1 – 2 minutes depending on the weather) and buff off.

Using hardly any will still go a long way around the car and it left a good finish on both cars with good or poorer paintwork, working itself into the paintwork and producing a nice deep lustre.

It contains the highest grade of Carnauba wax available and it shows too. For a quick and cheap wax it has very good durability and will last between 6 and 8 weeks depending on how you clean your car.

Using a good quality shampoo for maintenance afterwards should make it last longer. With its Banana scent, it also smells great too.

8/10 A cheap and user-friendly wax. Quality ingredients shine through.


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