Valet PRO Poseidon’s Carnauba Wash

ValetPRO  Poseidon Carnauba car Wash test and reviewCar Shampoo Test: Valet PRO Poseidon Carnauba Wash  500 ml – £5.75 / 1 litre – £9.78 / 5 litres – £24.15

One of the very few car shampoo’s we’ve come across that actually produce proper beading after washing your vehicle.

It cleans well, leaves a nice glossy finish and adds a good layer of protection onto your paintwork afterwards too. The finish is very much as if you’d waxed the vehicle and it will keep whatever wax or polish you have on already topped up nicely, making it last longer.

They recommend 50 – 80 ml of Poseidon’s per 5 litres (1.3 Gallons U.S) of water. However, we found that by using warm water you could get away with using just 35 ml to that mixture instead, saving you a considerable amount of the product per wash.

9/10 A great car wash which genuinely waxes and protects in one go.

Valet PRO

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