ValetPRO Purple Passion and ValetPRO Beading Marvellous Car Wax Reviews

ValetPRO Purple Passion review

ValetPRO Beading Marvellous car wax review

Normally I don’t do two product reviews in one article, but these two really go hand-in-hand! On the agenda this week for test and review are ValetPRO Purple Passion polish and ValetPRO Beading Marvellous car wax.

The way I approached this was to do the fairly straightforward process of machine polishing then waxing the car. The vehicle in question is a 2016 Ford Focus estate company car, which does a lot of hard slogs up and down motorways regularly, it rarely gets washed and when it does it’s usually put through an automatic car wash.

ValetPRO Purple Passion and Beading Marvellous review

As you’ll have guessed, the front end of the car gets a hammering, as is ingrained with bug splats, bird droppings, industrial fallout and general road grime, as well as swirl marks and a few light scratches. Due to time constraints, I could only do the front of the Focus but this was the worst-effected area anyway.

If you’re not familiar with the prep stages for machine polishing, I’ll explain in brief. Please note, this is the basic method, not the in-depth one used by detailers working on super-expensive cars. Before machine polishing a car, the first stage is to wash it thoroughly and then dry it off using a microfibre towel.

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Once this was done, it was time to remove the ingrained contamination from the paintwork. Paint can sometimes look clean and shiny after you’ve washed it, but run your hand over and you may hear a rasping/scratching noise – that’s the ingrained contamination.

To remove the paintwork contamination I used a ValetPRO clay bar, the super-sticky and easily-malleable ‘medium’ yellow one, if you’re interested.


Once this was done, the paint surface felt as slick as glass and gone was any noise when running a hand over it. Once I’d wiped away any residue from the bodywork with a damp microfibre cloth, it was time to use the first product of this test.

ValetPRO Purple Passion is a polish, but to be more specific it’s a paint cleanser designed to ‘effortlessly remove fine marring… leaving a highly glossy, silky finish [as well as being the] perfect base for either [of ValetPRO’s waxes]; Mad Wax and Beading Marvellous.’ Or indeed, whichever other sealant or wax you have.

ValetPRO apparently spent a year developing and perfecting the formulation for Purple Passion, so let’s find out if their effort was worth it!

ValetPRO Purple Passion used with a DA machine polisher

You can use Purple Passion either by hand or with a dual action machine polisher (DA, for short). In this case I was using my DA with ValetPRO’s Mild Compound/Polish Machine Pad. First impressions are always good, and in this case it was, as the polish smells of blueberry yoghurt – superb, and it wafts around as you work the polish into the paint.

Using the DA, I noticed that the Purple Passion polish does not dry out quickly like many similar products do, which is great as you can really work the product in for a long time without worrying about heating up areas too much, or having regularly clean the pad as it doesn’t gunk up either.

Removing swirl marks with ValetPRO Purple Passion

It’s an incredibly easy product to work with, and the residue also wipes away cleanly and with very little effort. Once I’d completed one ‘pass’ (working over the whole bonnet or bumper just once) – and two ‘passes’ over a couple of the slightly deeper scuff and scratches – it was time to check the results.

Without doubt, Purple Passion gave incredible depth of shine, removing the swirls and light scuffs/scratches with comparative ease to leave the paintwork looking refreshed and the colour a deep rich blue once more. I also tried it on one of the doors, which had deep swirls marks in from a paint and body shop ‘mopping’ it with heavy compound and failing to use lighter compounds afterwards. One pass and around three minutes working over the area showed it completely clear of those ugly swirls.

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I’d like to point out that the Focus’ paintwork was quite soft and easy to work with, and harder paint – such as you get on German cars – may need more working at with the product.

Once finished, it was time to lay down the protection in the form of ValetPRO Beading Marvellous, which is described as ‘finest carnauba car wax’ which ‘adds a micro protective film made from carnauba and fortified polymer waxes’ and gives ‘3+ months durability’.

Applying ValetPRO Beading Marvellous car wax

Again, first impressions are good as Beading Marvellous smells similar to Purple Passion but not quite as richly. Personally, I’m not a fan of the ‘sea green’ colour, as I always think waxes look better in bright, cheerful colours (orange, yellow, lime green, purple etc), but that’s by-the-by.

Using a ValetPRO Black Wax Applicator, I applied the wax in a swirl motion, but quickly noticed it tends to ‘clump’ more than most waxes I’ve used. This isn’t off-putting though, as it’s quickly remedied by simply re-going over the areas in a horizontal and vertical pattern, which actually means you’re not going to miss any area of the paint. Either way, it’s a very easy wax to apply, and it goes on like melted butter.

Results of using ValetPRO Beading Marvellous car wax

The curing time for Beading Marvellous is recommended as five minutes, and after I’d left it for the allotted amount of time I buffed it off with a microfibre cloth. Removal of the residue is, again, quick and easy and requires very little effort.

Although the Purple Passion had given a good depth of shine to the paintwork, ValetPRO’s wax added a beautiful rich gloss, and making the Focus’ metallic blue paint look so deep you could dive in. Testing the water sheeting and beading qualities, they’re second-to-none and after an overnight downpour the beading looked impressive.

Overall, Purple Passion and Beading Marvellous wax are two great products which make a perfect polish ‘n’ wax team, and will refresh your paint as well as giving it that ‘new car’ depth of shine and a good level of protection.

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Products ValetPRO Purple Passion polish & ValetPRO Beading Marvellous car wax
Features Purple Passion: easy-use polish for removing light swirls/scratches/oxidisation by hand or DA | Beading Marvellous: 3+ months protection, easy application/removal
Dilution N/A
Prices (UK) Purple Passion: 500ml: £12.99 | Beading Marvellous: 50ml: £9.99, 250ml: £34.99

Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies

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