ValetPRO Zelos Fortifier test and review

ValetPRO Zelos Fortifier 500ml bottle with spray headCar Wax Enhancer Test: ValetPRO Zelos Fortifier 500ml – £29.99

When Valet PRO told us they would soon be launching this new product, we were very excited. And when we finally managed to get our mitts on it, it made us even more excited. The details we were given was that they were developing a sprayable product which made removing any fully-cured wax easy, but would also add months more protection to the life of whichever wax it was used it with.

Testing it was easy, and that’s exactly what this product is all about. We first of all washed the bonnet of a car with a wash mitt and a bucket of warm water mixed with washing-up liquid detergent to remove any traces of wax that may have been applied previously.

We then dried the area, before applying a thick layer of ValetPRO Artemis Wax Seal. We then left the wax to cure for around 10 minutes. A quick note – the weather was sunny and windy, which dried out the wax nice and quick. ValetPRO recommend using a paint preparation product before apply your wax to achieve even more impressive results.

After we checked how dried-on the wax was (very), we decided to really test out the Zelos Fortifier by adding another layer of Artemis on top of the already-cured layer, just to make it ultra difficult to remove. After we’d left that for another 15 minutes, we tried to remove some of the wax from a small area of the bonnet using a microfibre cloth. This was ridiculously difficult and a throughly frustrating exercise.

Enough of that hard work rubbish – it was time to break out the Zelos Fortifier. After spraying a light misting all over the bonnet, we left that for around 30 seconds before removing it with a microfibre cloth.

ValetPRO Zelos Fortifier wax enhancer spray with microfibre cloth and wax applicator

The kit we used.

Unbelievably, removing the wax was now just like wiping excess water away as you would when drying a car! What was left was a really great finish to the paintwork, and the metallics sparkled beautifully in the sunlight. It’s not just a nice look it leaves behind though, as this product will add at least another couple of months to the life of your preferred wax, and even longer if you use a decent car shampoo for maintaining it afterwards.

The Zelos Fortifier doesn’t evaporate quickly, so it gives you easily enough time to wipe it all off without having to rush the job. Although it looks greasy, it comes off easily and doesn’t leave behind any streaks of marks.

You can also use this product with a DA (Dual Action) machine polisher, and in actual fact it gives even better results. Simply apply your wax (after claying and prepping paintwork), allow it to cure, mist on the Zelos and using your DA on a slow speed with a finishing pad, spread the wax/Zelos. After this, remove using a soft microfibre cloth.

Purely by accident, we noticed a bit had got onto the unpainted plastic bumper and after wiping it off, it shined nicely and also water beaded up on it excellent – so that’s another thing you could use it for.

We realised that you could actually use this as a quick wax or detailer, but it would be a massively expensive way to do it, so stick with what it is meant for.

A bottle of the Zelos seems expensive as an initial cost layout, but when you weigh up what results you get, just how easy it makes waxing plus the fact that only a tiny amount is needed per panel, then any reservations about price drift away.

A unique and utterly brilliant product. Makes wax removal easy and adds months of extra protection in seconds. You’ll never want to wax again without it!


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ValetPRO Zelos Fortifier Water Beading Test from Matthew Davies on Vimeo.

Applying the wax layers with Artemis Wax Seal

A double layer of wax, which was well and truly cured.

Applying Valet PRO zelos fortifier by misting over the cured wax on a car bonnet

Applying the Zelos Fortifier to the cured wax layers

Photo of the Valet PRO Zelos fortifier on a car bonnet showing deep reflections

Reflection time…

the finished result after treating car paintwork with Valet PRO Zelos fortifier and wax

More reflections

Photo showing the excellent water beading on a car's paint after using Valet PRO Zelos fortifier

Superb beading capabilities

More über smart beading

Water running off the paintwork – Cool patterns thanks to the awesome Zelos Fortifier

Image showing water beading after treating the plastic of a car with Valet PRO zelos fortifier

Zelos Fortifier also protects exterior trim excellently too

Makes wiper arms look cool too

Fortify ValetPro Zelos

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