Nanolex Hybrid Wax review – Sealant-Like Shine & Incredible Beading

Nanolex is known for their great range of car detailing products, but they also specialize in – and originally made –  highly protective and long-lasting car sealants. So naturally, fans of the Nanolex brand have been waiting eagerly for them to also release a car wax, and it’s finally here; Nanolex Hybrid Wax.

At the time of this test, the product had only just been released and I was sent a limited edition First Batch kit (number 404 of 500), which included the Hybrid Wax in a 75 gram tin, a thick microfibre applicator pad and two Nanolex microfibre cloths, which are themselves very good quality. The normal-sized tin will be 150 grams, which is large and will cover a lot of cars, making it very economical considering the longevity too (more on that further down).

Hybrid Wax blends three natural waxes, including carnauba, plus a ‘sophisticated hybrid polymer’. According to Nanolex, this ‘allows it to bond extremely well to all lacquered surfaces [and is] easy to apply.’ It can also be used on top of ceramic coatings too, is detergent resistant and offers ‘impressive durability’.

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Test time

To give a fair test to a car wax, the paintwork should be clean and in good condition, which means as little ‘fallout’ as possible on the surface so the wax can get a proper purchase for the best longevity and finish. That would normally mean using a clay bar to prepare the bodywork, but in this case I’d only done that six months or so previously, then machine polished it before applying a Nanolex paint sealant.

The test vehicle – a 2001 Mitsubishi Shogun – had then stood outside for those six months as it was a secondary car. I’d only washed it a few times in that period, and aside from removing any bird dirt, it had sat out in the elements getting covered in dust, fallout from the surrounding trees and bushes (leaves, dust, sap and bugs) as well as being hammered by the hot summer sun as well as heavy wind and rain from time to time.

The sealant had help up well for the most part, and when I did wash the Shogun before the test, there was little to no fallout in the paintwork, but water beading and sheeting had diminished to nothing, due to my not washing or maintaining it.

Becuase of this the paintwork was well and truly ready for another coating of protection, and it came in time just as Autumn (the Fall) arrived and the weather starts to become harsher and colder before wintertime. The temperature at test time was around 13ºC, and the weather was cloudy but dry.

Applying Nanolex Hybrid Wax to the thick applicator pad, I followed the instructions and applied it to a smallish section of bodywork at a time, but covering at least a couple of panels before leaving it to cure. I found there is a degree of resistance as it is applied, unlike some of the more ‘buttery’ waxes out there, which ‘spread’ more easily.

After leaving the wax to cure for around ten minutes (recommended is 5 – 10), I removed it with one of the high-quality microfibre cloths and found buffing it was slightly more effort than I’m used to with some other waxes. However, to be fair I did apply the Hybrid Wax more thickly than perhaps it needs, and the next time I used less it did come off with less effort. I also applied it to the side windows, glass headlight covers and some plastic trim.

I found Nanolex Hybrid Wax added a good degree of depth to the paintwork, and the finish is very glassy – like the type you’d get with a sealant. The plastics also clearly benefitted from the wax, with a higher shine and slick feel to them.

A water test shows truly incredible beading and sheeting – even on the glass and plastics – and in fact, it is one of the best waxes I’ve ever come across for these qualities, especially as I’d only applied one coat. You can ‘layer’ the wax after just 20 minutes, which will give even more longevity. Nanolex states their Hybrid Wax will last for 12 – 15 hand-washes.

The limited edition kit I tested is sold out, but you can buy the larger 150g tin for 49.90€ which I think is very fair, as not much is needed to cover an entire car, and it lasts for so long that it actually becomes very economical in the end.


Product  Nanolex Hybrid Wax
Links (the site is multi-language, and you can choose where to buy the products too) 
Features  Excellent shine, adds ‘glassy’ finish, fairly easy application/buffing, incredible water beading & sheeting properties, lasts 12 – 15 washes, can multi-layer, worked on glass & plastics too, economical due to longevity 
Prices (UK)  75 gran tin: €49.90

Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies

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