Welcome to our new Trip & Travel Gear Guide

Welcome to CarProductsTested.com Road Trip & Gear Guide – Reviews of all things cool in the world of road trips, travelling and the outdoors!
Here at CarProductsTested.com we all the above mentioned! The products and gear needed are an essential part of that – and we’re here to review it all!

What kind of stuff will be reviewed?

First off, let’s be clear – we most definitely aren’t about reviewing picnic sets, string driving gloves and tartan blankets – oh no! We’ll bring you guides to the coolest, most excellent gadgets and equipment around – and it’ll all be surrounding our ‘Trips, Travelling and the Outdoors’ theme. We’ll make sure you know which products actually work properly. We put everything through real-life tests to make sure it’s all up to scratch, so you don’t waste a penny on stuff that’ll only ever end up consigned to the loft.

We’ll test gear…

… that you actually want to read about – things you’ll drool over and desire so badly you’d contemplate selling granny, or the family pet! All CarProductsTested’s reviewed gear will look stunning, possibly involve bits of carbon fibre and shiny things and will, most of all, excite you.

What qualifies us to test and review products?

You don’t exactly get a certificate, a tip of the cap and a handshake in our line of work BUT, as well as many year’s worth of an absolute love of cars, motoring and travelling, we’ve been running CarProductsTested for over two years now, and have tested a massive amount of products from a variety of manufacturers.

We’ll take that testing experience and knowledge and put it into reviewing what we’ve always been passionate about – Trips, Travelling and the Outdoors!

Here’s a recent quote (which we’re darn well proud of!) from Will Charlton – Press & Communications Manager at Burton McCall – about one of our reviews ;
‘In terms of the reviews, these are some of the most in depth and accurate reviews of Maglite’s that I have read for a long time. It is much more than simply a re-hashed version of my press release, which a lot of reviewers seem to do… I thought the unbiased opinions and consumer focussed detail were excellent…The images are equally excellent.’

We hope you enjoy our Trip & Travel Gear Guide – Watch out for new products being reviewed on a regular basis, and if you want to see something particular reviewed, use our Contact Page and drop us a message.

All The Very Best

CarProductsTested.com Review Team
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