X2 Rain Shield Extra Strong

X2 Rainshield Extra Strong. Image shows the X2 Rainshield bottle.

X2 Rainshield Extra Strong – £15.99

A liquid. This is not a glass cleaner but rather a protector. We found it to work very well and it does last a good amount of time, even with regular bad weather putting it to the test. The bottle has an applicator pad on and you simply squeeze the bottle lightly to wet the pad then rub it onto your windows. Leave it for around 5 – 7 minutes or until it hazes, and remove with a slightly damp cloth. Hardly any is needed and and we think you should be able to get around 6 full cars’ use out of a bottle which is about a years worth.

At first the rain will blow off your windscreen from 35 mph and above but as it wears off the speed needs to be higher. We have had it on for around 6 weeks now and on the side and rear windows it still works perfectly. On the front windscreen it has nearly worn off but still works well at 60 mph and above. This has been through bad Autumn weather and it will definitely last a lot longer through the Summer weeks. A good product that works like a good wax would on your glass.

8/10 Works excellently and lasts very well.

Buy X2 Rainshield from Nubawax.com

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