Good Habits: Cleaning Your Car’s Dashboard

Clean Car Dashboard

Clean your car’s dashboard? What’s the flippin’ point?

You look down at your car’s dash, centre console and plastics, and it is seriously dusty. In fact, at eye level it looks exactly like a desert scene from Laurence of Arabia. Has some mysterious person with a grudge emptied their vacuum into your car? Nope, you just haven’t cleaned it in weeks.

Some other reasons for the layers of dust include your seats or carpets need a hoovering and you’re stirring it up once you jump in, or simply because you live or work in a dusty area. So, apart from a ton of dust n’ grime covering your interior plastics, what else is affected by not cleaning them regularly? The sun! Yes, that pesky fireball in the sky gives off (obviously) heat, sunlight and UV rays, which’ll make your interior plastics crack and fade over time if they’re not cared for.

What other reason is there? Frankly, it’s very unhealthy for you to be inhaling all that old dust! It’s also annoying when you’re looking down at a permanently dirty dashboard, and making it clean and the plastics refreshed just makes your surroundings a much more pleasant place to be.

What equipment will I need?

CarProductsTested Microfibre Cloth CarProductsTested Interior Dash Brush

There’s not a lot to buy, and you can use the gear you buy for a load more car interior cleaning sessions too. You will need:

  • Microfibre cloths. Wash them first to remove any loose fibres.
  • A soft interior dash brush. We’ll explain why these are needed further down.
  • Car interior cleaner. Buy a decent one, and also get one that smells nice.
  • Interior dressing. There are all different types from pressurising can sprays to hand-pump sprays and pouring liquids. Interior dressings give varying degrees and depths of shine. Remember though that a dash that’s too shiny will reflect in your windscreen (not good)!

You can also buy car interior clean and shine wipes, and interior gel designed to remove dust and dirt. These can be really handy too. Check out our Interior Plastics and Trim review section to get an idea of what’s available to use.

Okay, so what now? Five quick steps to a fresh clean dashboard.

This looks a lot, but it’s really simple, and should only take you a few minutes.

  1. Grab a microfibre cloth and dampen it with water. This will get most of the heavier dust up and save it blowing around your car as you clean.
  2. Use an interior cleaner on the plastics, wood, carbon fibre etc first. This will remove most built-up grime in the minute cracks and delves. If there’s been a spilt drink or food in the past, use the cleaner and a soft dash brush on the trim to remove it.
  3. Use your dash brush to get rid of dust in all the fiddly areas, such as air vents and around the rev counter, radio etc. NOTE: When cleaning the clear housing in front of the speedometer etc, make sure you clean these carefully, as the clear plastic scratches extremely easily.
  4. Get your interior dressing out and use to your desired effect. Remember not to apply too much, and not to over-shine the dashboard as it’ll reflect in the screen. TIP #1: For the dashboard, if you’re using a sprayer, spray the product straight onto a cloth. This will stop it getting onto the glass.
  5. Sit back, admire your freshly-cleaned interior trim and breathe in that lovely fresh smell.

TIP #2: Carry around either a microfibre cloth and an interior dressing or some good interior wipes or a cleaner gel in your car’s boot/trunk. Your trim’ll be permanently dust-free and shiny!

TIP #3: When driving, occasionally wind down all your windows and get some air blasting round. This will help blow a bit of the dust out and kick out that old stale air.

One final thing. Click this link to get to our Interior Plastics and Trim review section – there are 2 pages of lovely products for you to peruse and use!

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Clean car dashboard.

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