How-To… Use Tire Dressing to get your Tires looking Shiny,Black and Beautiful

Are your tires looking sadly brown or discoloured? You can’t drive a car like that and be proud. Treating your tyres to make them black is the final touch in making your car look cool. It really is easy. With a few simple tips we’ll show you how you can be getting your tires showroom black in no time.

What tire dressing products do you need to buy?

Good tire dressings will last much longer, look blacker and won’t flick off onto your paintwork (that’s something you really don’t want).

Different tire dressings give different looks. You can get a super shiny wet look or a more muted ones for a classier finish. See our tire shine product reviews for some ideas. If you are in Europe we highly recommend Valet PRO’s Talos Protectant which we gave 9.0/10

A couple of small kitchen sponges are cheap and useful way to apply the tire dressing and smooth any excess out. Tip: Tire dressing can stain driveways so get some newspaper to protect it.

How do I apply tyre shine?

  1. You want clean tires and wheels before you apply any dressing. Remove any excess muck from the tyres first with a pressure washer or hosepipe nozzle attachment. After this use a car wash product (always use a good car shampoo and never use dish washing liquid which has corrosive salts in) and a sponge to remove the rest. If dirt is ingrained into the tyre wall, use a scrubbing brush lightly to remove it.

    Washing a car tire

  2. Dry off your tyres: naturally or use a soft absorbant cloth to mop off the worst of the water. Some tyre shine’s can be used on wet tyres, so check the bottle first. We recommend putting them onto a dry tyre wall though, as its less likely that the tire dressing will flick off onto the bodywork later.Drying car tires with a micofiber cloth
  3. Apply your tyre shine product. They come in many forms including pump action sprays, aerosols, foaming sprays and brush on liquids so give the instructions a quick read. Remember to not apply it too thickly, otherwise it’ll flick off.
    Tip: Try to avoid getting tyre shine onto your brake disks as a lot of products contain high levels of silicone.Spraying tire dressing onto car tires
  4. Leave the product to settle for 15 – 20 minutes and then dab any excess off with a kitchen sponge.Sponging off excess tire dressing from a car tire
  5. Wipe any excess product off your wheels. This will help stop brake dust clinging to the wheel with microfiber cloth
  6. Stand back and admire your handy work. You’ve now got gorgeously black wheels that’ll turn heads and make you proud to drive your vehicle.close up of a car tire after treatment with tire dressing


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