Armor All Protectant (Semi-Matt and Gloss)

Armourall protectant spray review

Interior Plastic and Trim Products Test: Armor All Protectant (Semi-Matt and Gloss) 300 ml – £3.99 / 16oz – $6.49

We were highly impressed with these. They cleaned very well, removing the majority of stubborn stains from the car’s plastic surfaces and not much of the product is needed either. We still have over half a bottle of each left months later, and that’s after at least a dozen applications of the stuff!

They also left a good quality finish, with the Gloss not being overly-shiny and the Semi-Matt leaving a nice silky finish. They were non-greasy and worked well in restoring faded plastics. To get the best results, we used a decent quality microfibre cloth and where necessary we sprayed the product directly onto the cloth to save it getting onto glass and upholstery.

The shine from these two should last a good couple of weeks, and as application is easy, it’s not exactly hard to get your interior plastics and rubber looking first class again.

9/10 Worked excellently and both leave a quality finish. Priced well as only a little is needed for a decent job.

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  1. Carl Sanders

    The application of this is best done with a ‘washing up’ type sponge, especially for a Vinyl roof and tyres, sprayed directly onto the sponge at close range. For smaller areas of vinyl cut the sponge up and apply. Works wonders and lasts ages!

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